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For a Special Issue on

Cold Water Processes

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26 February 2025

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Jason Olsthoorn, Department of Civil Engineering, Queen’s University, ON, Canada
[email protected]

Marek Stastna, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada
[email protected]

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Cold Water Processes

We invite full manuscript submissions for a Special Issue for Atmosphere-Oceans on Cold Water Processes.

Recent research has highlighted the environmental importance of cold-water systems, such as the growth of complex ice algae communities at the bottom of sea ice, and the manner in which inter-annual variations in lake ice modulate harmful algal bloom incidence in the following summer. The physical process controlling these systems are critical to understanding the impact of climate change, particularly in the rapidly warming polar regions.

This issue is focused on the physical processes in cold water and their applications, in both freshwater systems and oceans. Papers are invited from field, laboratory, and numerical studies of cold-water processes including:

  •        under-ice transport
  •        internal waves
  •        air-water exchange
  •        heat transport and ice-growth
  •        convection/ turbulent mixing
  •        sediment and contaminant transport

and more.

This special issue will serve as a useful reference for recent advances in the key processes affecting cold water systems.

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