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Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody & Child Development

For a Special Issue on

The Co-occurrence of Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence: Contextual Ontologies, Challenges and Solutions

Abstract deadline
01 February 2024

Manuscript deadline
01 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Christine Descartes, Ph.D., The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus
[email protected]

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The Co-occurrence of Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence: Contextual Ontologies, Challenges and Solutions

The special issue will highlight significant and interconnected issues of child maltreatment and domestic violence that frequently co-occur; however, they are often studied independently. Child maltreatment and domestic violence are among the most underreported crimes worldwide, yet a discernable increase and intensified levels were observed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This special issue aims to disseminate current research, promote awareness, and provide a platform for evidence-based practices for co-occurring child maltreatment and domestic violence within the context of the family. It focuses on exploring child maltreatment and domestic violence in developing countries or states as well. This issue will capture not only the challenges, risks, and protective factors associated with victimhood but also make recommendations for research and practice that can be enacted by policymakers, healthcare providers, systems, and communities. A primary objective of this special issue involves strategically charting a trajectory for societal protection as developing countries expand their knowledge base. The issue also engages in targeted examinations of social and psychological issues that undermine the social fabric and dialogue to form mitigative frameworks.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • COVID-19 pandemic and family violence
  • Child mental health and exposure to domestic violence
  • Intergenerational effects of childhood maltreatment
  • Re-victimization and the cycle of domestic violence
  • Adverse childhood experiences and domestic violence
  • Intersections of violence against women and children
  • Risk Factors of child maltreatment and domestic violence
  • Parent-child attachment issues and domestic violence
  • Parenting practices and styles with respect to child maltreatment
  • The child protection system in child maltreatment and domestic violence cases
  • Promoting resilience and wellbeing in children exposed to domestic violence
  • Culturally relevant interventions for children exposed to domestic violence

Proposed Target Audience:
To encompass a multidimensional perspective, this call for submission targets scholars and researchers in the social sciences (e.g., psychologists, social workers, criminologists, and sociologists) as well as medical professionals, practitioners, and policymakers who work in the various fields of child development, child maltreatment, childhood trauma, and domestic violence. Submissions are welcomed from all parts of the world.

Submission Instructions

To obtain well-rounded coverage of relevant issues, we ask potential contributors to submit article ideas via email to the guest editor in the form of a detailed summary (i.e., 250-500 words) that highlights the methodology used, contributions of results, and their implications, as well as intervention approaches and programs. Submission of an abstract represents a commitment to prepare a paper if accepted. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words and describe what is being addressed from the above topics or related ones and the basic ideas of the proposed paper.

Abstracts/proposals for consideration should be sent to CHRISTINE DESCARTES at [email protected] no later than February 1, 2024. Accepted submissions will be invited by March 1, 2024, and solicited submissions will be due no later than June 1, 2024.

Submission Details
Abstracts and final papers should follow Instructions for Authors (IFA) on the journal homepage, including APA 7th Edition formatting. All articles undergo a double-blind peer review.

Manuscripts approved for inclusion should be submitted directly to the journal by JuneĀ 01, 2024, via the Taylor & Francis Submission Portal. Be sure to select the special issue title upon submission.

Abstracts due: February 01, 2024
Acceptance of abstract by: March 01, 2024
Final submission of completed manuscript due: June 01, 2024

Questions or comments can be addressed to the guest editors at [email protected]; please cc [email protected] on all correspondence. Full instructions for authors can be found on the journal homepage and must be adhered to upon submission.

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