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Manuscript deadline
15 December 2020

Cover image - Clinical Gerontologist

Clinical Gerontologist

Special Issue Editor(s)

Jennifer Moye, VA New England GRECC and Harvard Medical School
[email protected]

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Creative Mental Health Care and Adaptive Coping: Supporting Older Adults and their Families during a Pandemic

Clinical Gerontologist is announcing a call for papers related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The pandemic has affected older adults and their families particularly hard, with higher rates of morbidity and mortality, especially in long term care but also for older adults in the community.  The pandemic creates its own anxiety for older adults with multiple morbidities, and potentially exacerbates existing mental health conditions, social isolation, and age related stress.  At the same time, older adults flex their muscles as adaptive copers – and role models for others – having navigated major national crises before in their lifetime.

In this challenging time, many mental health clinicians, older adults, and their families have become creative.  These creative approaches include new strategies for enhancing access to care, adapting existing treatments, developing treatments, as well as innovations for connecting older adults and their families and providing support to individuals and their families during the dying process.  We aim to highlight these creative, compassionate solutions so they can be shared more widely.  Papers may be submitted at any time, and those that are accepted will be published online, typically within three days.  However, to provide authors time to assemble quality data and thoughtful interpretation of these data, our submission deadline is December 15, 2020.

Papers can be reviews, original studies, or clinical comments (e.g., case examples, case series, or quality improvement projects).  Potential paper topics include:

  • Adaptations to existing treatments to address new processes in treatment as well as emerging mental health concerns (e.g., illness anxiety)
  • Development of new groups or treatments to support older adults during COVID-19
  • Creative strategies for social connection developed by clinicians in outpatient and long term care settings, as well as by older adults and their families
  • Innovative hospice and palliative care, as well as bereavement care
  • Deliberative responses to ageism within family and care systems
  • Adaptive responses to the pandemic by older adults informed by resilient strategies learned in previous national crises
  • Strategies used to overcome telehealth barriers
  • Novel approaches to supporting the mental health of front line clinicians caring for older adults during the pandemic
  • Community-based and inter-generational responses to assisting older persons

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Submission Instructions

Note special issue in author cover letter.

 Deadline:  December 15, 2020


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