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Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems

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Civil Engineering Systems’ Resilience to Climate Threats

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01 February 2024

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29 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Jim Hall, Oxford Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
[email protected]

Raghav Pant, Oxford University, U.K.
[email protected]

Srijith Balakrishnan, Technical University Delft, Netherlands
[email protected]

Mark Milke, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
[email protected]

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Civil Engineering Systems’ Resilience to Climate Threats

Civil engineering systems are increasingly threatened by extreme climatic events, as well as by the chronic effects of climate changing including mean sea level rise and water scarcity. These climate impacts threaten the performance of whole infrastructure systems as well as individual assets. This Special Issue focusses upon the resilience of infrastructure systems, which incorporates their capacity to resist, cope with, and recover from climate-related shocks. We will publish new research and demonstrations of methods to identify and implement resilient responses to climate-related threats in infrastructure systems. We are particularly keen to identify new socio-technical adaptations to the threats from climate change and new methods for appraising and implementing resilient responses.

Submission Instructions

Submissions should be original works up to 6,000 words in length with accompanying graphics. Co-authors are encouraged.

Expressions of Interest and Abstracts for Review (Optional): 1st February 2024.  A Word file with guidance on the appropriate style will be provided to those who submit an expression of interest or provisional abstract.

Expected publication date: January 2025.

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