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China's Green Economy and Sustainable Development Goals: Implications for Foreign Trade and Economic Landscape

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30 April 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Syed Ali Raza, Iqra University, Pakistan
[email protected]

Khaled Guesmi, Paris School of Business, France
[email protected]

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China's Green Economy and Sustainable Development Goals: Implications for Foreign Trade and Economic Landscape

In recent years, China has made remarkable progress in prioritizing environmental sustainability as a fundamental aspect of its long-term strategic development, transitioning towards a green economy. This shift is crucial for ensuring China's environmental well-being and carries extensive ramifications for its trade, exports, and broader economic landscape.

This special issue aims to provide a platform for multi-disciplinary exploration and discussion on how China's transition towards a green economy impacts its foreign trade and economic sectors. Hence, this issue welcomes many conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research papers, critical reviews, case studies, and insightful commentaries. Potential sub-themes for exploration could include, but are not limited to:

  1. The impact of China's green policies on its export composition and trade partners.
  2. The role of sustainable technologies in fostering China's export competitiveness.
  3. The role of renewable energy in China's sustainable development and trade.
  4. The role of sustainable finance in China's economic growth and export sector.
  5. Innovation and technology transfer in China's green sectors and their implications for foreign trade.
  6. Challenges and opportunities for China's industries in transitioning to a green economy.
  7. The influence of China's green economy on global supply chains and trade dynamics.
  8. Environmental regulations and standards affect China's trade relationships.
  9. The prospects of China's green economy in the post-COVID-19 era.

These sub-themes provide novel perspectives and research avenues that can contribute to the existing literature on China's green economy, sustainable development objectives, and their implications for international trade and economic development.

Submission Instructions

Submission Guidelines:

Manuscript Preparation:

  • Ensure that your manuscript is written in clear and concise English.
  • Follow the journal's guidelines for manuscript formatting and referencing. Detailed instructions are on the journal's website or the authors' guidelines page.
  • Include tables, figures, or supplementary material to support your research.

Online Submission:

  • Manuscripts should be submitted through the China Economic Journal's online submission system.
  • When submitting your paper, please select "Special Issue Title" to ensure that your submission is considered for this special issue.


Types of Papers Accepted:

  • Original Research Papers: These should present novel research findings related to China's green economy, sustainable development goals, and their implications for foreign trade and the economic landscape.
  • Critical Reviews: These should provide in-depth analysis and synthesis of existing literature, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the topic.
  • Case Studies: These should showcase real-life examples and practical applications related to China's green economy, sustainable development goals, and their impact on foreign trade and the economic landscape.
  • Insightful Commentaries: These should present thought-provoking opinions, perspectives, and reflections on the topic, contributing to the ongoing discourse.

Peer Review Process:

  • All submissions will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of published articles.
  • The review process will be double-blind, ensuring the anonymity of both authors and reviewers.
  • Reviewers will evaluate the originality, significance, methodology, and clarity of your submission.
  • You will receive notification of the editorial decision, along with feedback and recommendations for revision, if applicable.

Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline: 30/04/2024
  • Expected publication date: 31/12/2024

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