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Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community

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Cardiovascular diseases and risk factors in the racial-ethnic minority community

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01 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Ayodeji Iyanda, Prairie View A&M University
[email protected]

Kwadwo Boakye, California State University-Chico
[email protected]

Yongmei Lu, Texas State University
[email protected]

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Cardiovascular diseases and risk factors in the racial-ethnic minority community

The Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community cordially invites you to submit a paper for inclusion in our themed issue on Cardiovascular diseases and risk factors in the racial-ethnic minority community. JPIC, in print since 1995, provides professionals with up-to-date information on effective programs for community intervention and prevention. With an emphasis on equity and community wellness, JPIC is of interest to community-engaged researchers, practitioners in the fields of health and education, and those involved in partnerships that span diverse localities and community spaces. The journal invites contributions from researchers, practitioners, and community-university partnerships using critical and participatory methods to change policies, practices, and the allocation of resources across settings and those that improve well-being quite broadly. JPIC is published by Taylor & Francis, Inc.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the primary global cause of death and disability for all people, with a disproportionate impact on racial-ethnic minority communities (Javed et al., 2022). This disparity stems from various factors, including inequalities in risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and insufficient physical activity (CDC, 2023). Demographic, racial/ethnic, and biological characteristics further contribute to heightened CVD risk among specific minority populations (Kuzawa & Sweet, 2009). Despite documented racial-ethnic disparities in CVDs, there is a notable absence of examination regarding the challenges faced by these communities from a comprehensive upstream risk factors perspective. A holistic approach is needed to comprehend and address the root causes of CVD disparities among racial-ethnic minority groups. Moving beyond individual risk factors, it is essential to consider broader social, economic, and environmental contributors to CVD risk disparities from a multidisciplinary perspective.

This special issue aims to highlight the latest research on the connection between CVDs and risk factor disparities in racial-ethnic minority communities. Manuscripts addressing biological, environmental, and social characteristics of CVD disparities, the impact of these disparities on minority communities, prevention, and intervention strategies to mitigate CVD disparities, and the role of public health policy in addressing these disparities are particularly encouraged.

Submission Instructions

We encourage submissions from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to epidemiology, medicine, public and allied health, gerontology, geography, sociology, psychology, and anthropology. Manuscripts should be original and should not have been previously published or currently under review for publication elsewhere. Submissions could be empirical studies that are qualitative, quantitative, or mixed in design. Meta-analyses and systematic reviews of related work to CVD and risk factors are also welcome.  Manuscripts should be formatted according to the journal's guidelines, which can be found on the journal's website. For this call, we require a maximum number of 24 pages, including abstract, main work, and references. References should be limited to 40.

Authors who wish to submit their papers should use the submission portal on the journal’s website. For questions related to the submission, please contact Guest Editors Ayodeji Iyanda ([email protected]), Kwadwo Boakye ([email protected] and Yongmei Lu ([email protected]). Inquiries about the journal can be directed to Editor-in-Chief Dr. Judah Viola at [email protected].

Estimated Publication: December 1, 2024

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