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International Journal of Construction Management

For a Special Issue on
Enhancing energy efficiency via building design

Manuscript deadline
31 August 2021

Cover image - International Journal of Construction Management

Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Ana Catarina Evangelista, Lecturer from Engineering Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia
[email protected]

Prof. Assed N. Haddad, Professor and Head, Department of Construction Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[email protected]

Ahmed W.A. Hammad, Coordinator for Master of Construction, UNSW Sydney, Australia
[email protected]

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Enhancing energy efficiency via building design

International Journal of Construction Management invites research papers on the above theme for inclusion in a “special issue” to be published in 2021. The special edition will be edited by Dr. Ana Evangelista, Lecturer from Engineering Institute of Technology, Prof Assed N. Haddad from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Dr. Ahmed W A Hammad, Lecturer from UNSW Sydney University of New South Wales.

Aim and scope

The Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is responsible for significant environmental impacts: it’s annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions makes around 33% of total worldwide emission, and its energy consumption rates render it as one of the most energy intensive sectors in an economy. Vast amounts of energy are consumed by buildings throughout their life cycle. Building energy consumption can be categorised as either being embodied or operational in nature. For embodied energy, activities involved in material acquisition and processing, transportation of build materials, construction, maintenance and demolition all contribute to the energy consumption to varying degrees. On the other hand, operational energy is related to energy expended during the operation of a building.

The design of a building starts with a number of decisions that need to be made on the selection of architectural shape and features, along with choice of materials and structural system to resist. Studies in the literature indicate that there is a significant impact of the design of a building on the amounts of energy consumed. Such design considerations include architectural and structural design factors, along with mechanical and ventilation system design. This indicates that traditional building design approaches where the emphasis for choice of architecture, structural and mechanical features is on performance and economic related factors is not sufficient that there needs to be a consideration for environmental and social design aspects too.

A lack of awareness currently exists on the energy impacts across the life cycle of a building due to design choices made. This Special Issue aims to provide a medium to consolidate and disseminate the current inherent issues related to energy efficiency in building design through its full life cycle. This special issue will be helpful for academics, practitioners, engineers, architects and students based on the emergent research findings.

Topics for papers

Submission types such as case studies, original research contribution, systematic reviews, conceptual papers, experimental and original research contributions are welcomed. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Construction methods sustainability
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) in buildings and constructed assets
  • Optimization and simulation towards buildings sustainability
  • Energy policy in construction
  • Construction management and sustainability
  • Legal aspects of sustainable building design
  • Buildings performance management
  • Decision methods in construction sustainability
  • Resilience and sustainability
  • nZEB and nWEB concepts applicability
  • Sustainable safety in green construction
  • BIM applications

Submission Instructions

Information to contributors

Papers will then undergo a double-blind review process with engaging multiple reviewers. All queries should be addressed to the guest editors.

Key dates

  • Paper submission deadline: 31st August 2021

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