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Branding with Purpose: Corporate Reputation, CSR, and Sustainable Development Goals in Advertising

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01 July 2024

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Pantea Foroudi, Brunel Business School London, UK
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Charles Dennis, Middlesex University London, UK
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TC Melewar, Middlesex University London, UK
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Branding with Purpose: Corporate Reputation, CSR, and Sustainable Development Goals in Advertising

Manuscripts are currently being solicited for an upcoming special issue of the International Journal of Advertising (IJA) dedicated to Branding with Purpose: Corporate Reputation, CSR, and SDGs in Advertising. In the realm of advertising, the convergence of Corporate Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offers a transformative pathway for brands to communicate their values, ethos, and commitment to societal and environmental stewardship. This integration is critical in an era where consumer expectations are increasingly driven by a company's ethical footprint and social impact. Advertising, as a powerful tool for shaping perceptions and driving consumer behavior, plays a crucial role in articulating a brand's commitment to these ideals.

Corporate reputation, a reflection of stakeholder perceptions, is significantly influenced by how a company presents itself through advertising. In a media-saturated environment, every advertisement serves not just as a product promotion but as a statement of the company's values and identity. Effective advertising strategies that highlight a company's ethical practices, quality of goods, and commitment to societal welfare can enhance corporate reputation. This approach not only appeals to the consumer's rational decision-making processes but also resonates with their emotional and ethical considerations, creating a more profound and lasting brand connection. The evolution of CSR from a peripheral to a central strategic concern has profound implications for advertising. Today's consumers seek more than just product benefits; they are increasingly drawn to brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment to social and environmental causes. Advertising that showcases a company's CSR initiatives, whether it's community involvement, sustainable practices, or ethical sourcing, can significantly boost brand loyalty and trust. By effectively communicating CSR efforts, companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded market and foster a positive brand image.

The SDGs provide a universal framework for addressing global challenges, and aligning a brand's advertising strategy with these goals can amplify its societal impact. By focusing advertising messages on how a company's products or services contribute to SDGs like poverty reduction, quality education, or climate action, brands can demonstrate their role in driving positive change. This alignment not only supports global sustainability efforts but also resonates with consumers who are increasingly conscious of the broader impact of their purchasing decisions. The digital era has revolutionized advertising, offering brands new platforms and methods to engage with their audience. The rise of social media and digital marketing has provided companies with tools to quickly and effectively communicate their corporate reputation and CSR endeavors. However, this also requires a strategic approach where authenticity, transparency, and consistency are key. In the digital landscape, where consumer feedback is immediate and widespread, maintaining a positive corporate reputation through responsible advertising practices is essential.

The interplay of corporate reputation, CSR, and SDGs in the context of advertising offers a compelling narrative for brands to engage with modern consumers. It demands a shift from traditional advertising tactics to a more purpose-driven approach, where the emphasis is on building a brand image that aligns with ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices. By embracing this paradigm, companies can not only foster a deeper connection with their audience but also contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and equitable world. This approach transcends traditional marketing and advertising models, marking a significant evolution in how brands communicate and operate in the global marketplace. We welcome studies that deepen our understanding of 'Branding with Purpose: Corporate Reputation, CSR, and SDGs in Advertising.' Each topic offers a distinctive perspective for examining the convergence of advertising, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability goals, presenting ample opportunities for discussion and analysis. The range of topics includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Innovative CSR Advertising Techniques in the Digital Era
  • The Influence of Corporate Reputation on Consumer Behavior and Brand Perception
  • Integrating SDGs into Brand Strategy and Advertising Messages
  • Case Studies of Successful CSR Campaigns and Their Impact on Brand Image
  • Sustainability Reporting in Advertising: Transparency and Stakeholder Trust
  • The Effectiveness of Cause-Related Marketing in Enhancing Corporate Reputation
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Advertising: Balancing Profit and Social Responsibility
  • The Role of Advertising in Promoting Corporate Environmental Initiatives
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Brands Aligned with SDGs
  • Corporate Reputation Management in Crisis Situations: The Role of Advertising
  • Ethical Branding: Advertising Strategies that Enhance Corporate Reputation
  • The Role of CSR in Contemporary Advertising Campaigns
  • Leveraging SDGs for Effective Brand Messaging in Advertising
  • Green Marketing: Promoting Environmental Responsibility through Advertising
  • Social Impact Advertising: How CSR Shapes Consumer Perceptions
  • Digital CSR Campaigns: Utilizing Social Media for Social Good
  • The Evolution of Advertising in the Age of Sustainability and Corporate Ethics
  • Storytelling for Social Change: CSR Narratives in Brand Communications
  • Consumer Engagement with CSR Initiatives: Advertising for Awareness and Action
  • Measuring the Impact of SDG-aligned Advertising on Brand Loyalty and Trust

Submission Instructions

Submission Guidelines and Review Process

Submissions should follow the manuscript format guidelines for IJA at Manuscripts submitted to the special issue should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. Manuscripts should not exceed 8000 words, including references, tables/figures, and appendices.


All manuscripts should be submitted through the IJA online editorial management system at, during the period of July 1 through July 15. Authors should select “Special Issue – Branding with Purpose” as “Article Type”. Please also note in the cover letter that the submission is for the Special Issue on Branding with Purpose: Corporate Reputation, CSR, and SDGs in Advertising. Manuscripts will go through a peer review process.

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