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Branding, Personality and the Pursuit of Happiness in Luxury Fashion

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09 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Associate Professor Vanessa Quintal, Curtin University
[email protected]

Associate Professor Isaac Cheah, Curtin University
[email protected]

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Branding, Personality and the Pursuit of Happiness in Luxury Fashion

The pursuit of happiness is a human condition of being alive. Individuals seek happiness in their positive relationships with others, with organizations and also, with brands. In such relationships, individuals search for relatable connections with entities and their attributes.  Luxury brands have the clout to position their distinct attributes to an impressionable marketplace, and connect with a community of interested consumers.

A luxury brand's attributes of outstanding quality, innovation, exclusivity or scarcity frames and projects its persona. When a brand's persona resonates with a consumer's idealized persona of themselves, the brand becomes a highly desired asset. Acquisition and experiential consumption of the desirable brand is then, seen to fulfil a goal for happiness.

The pursuit of happiness in the consumption of luxury brands is sparked by different motivations. Happiness from owning a luxury brand may arise from the sheer pleasure of an indulgent purchase. Alternatively, happiness may be the delight derived from hard-earned effort that eventually rewards self-gratification. Or else, happiness may ensue from enlightenment of the sustainable practices the luxury brand adopts, which brings long-term social and environmental benefits.

Your research on which attributes luxury fashion brands use to position themselves, how consumers perceive of such brands in relation to themselves, why consumers are motivated to purchase and what happiness they pursue in their consumption is important to us.

Suggested topics for this JGFM Special Issue comprise but are not limited to:

  • Brand attributes, including semiotics that convey luxury fashion to consumers.
  • User-generated content in luxury fashion and how it showcases luxury brand attributes.
  • Brand personality of luxury fashion products that resonate with consumers.
  • Celebrity endorsers and how they corroborate the brand personality of luxury fashion products.
  • Consumer motivations and desire for luxury fashion brands.
  • Pre-loved luxury fashion brands and what drives their purchase.
  • Luxury fashion products and their fulfilment of consumer happiness.
  • Hedonic and eudaimonic appeals of luxury fashion brands.
  • New concepts of pursuing satisfaction or happiness in acquiring luxury fashion brands.
  • Contemporary approaches to the ethical consumption of luxury fashion products.

Submission Instructions

Full papers on quantitative or qualitative research, and prospective literature reviews are all welcome. These may be investigated in traditional and contemporary media contexts, with a focus on key marketing issues related to luxury fashion marketing. Do note, revised versions of papers submitted to the Mystique of Luxury Brands (MLB) Conference 2023 will be given special consideration for this JGFM Special Issue, which is guest edited by Vanessa Quintal and Isaac Cheah.

When submitting your paper, please cite JGFM Special Issue: "Branding, Personality and the Pursuit of Happiness in Luxury Fashion".

Your paper should not exceed 25 pages, including the abstract, main text, tables and figures (within the text), references and appendices. It should be formatted in MS Word, A4 paper, 2.5 cm (1 inch) margin on all sides, Times New Roman, 12 points and double spaced.

Please adopt the American spelling style consistently throughout your paper and use the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition (APA-7) Reference Style Guide.

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