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Connection Science

For a Special Issue on
Blockchain-enabled Smart Contract: Technologies and Applications

Manuscript deadline
06 September 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Hong-Ning Dai, Macau University of Science and Technology
[email protected]

Xiaoping Chen, Sun Yat-sen University
[email protected]

Xiapu Luo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
[email protected]

Muhammad Imran, King Saud University
[email protected]

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Blockchain-enabled Smart Contract: Technologies and Applications

Blockchain-enabled smart contract technology is reshaping industrial sectors and business processes. Running on top of the decentralized blockchain system, smart contracts can enforce contractual terms to be enforced automatically without the intervention of a trusted third party, thereby simplifying the bureaucratic process, reducing administration costs, and improving the efficiency of business processes. Smart contracts are boosting a diversity of applications including industrial Internet of Things, public sectors, financial services, data provenance, and sharing economy.

Although smart contracts have great potential to reshape conventional business procedures, there are several challenges to be solved before the wide adoption of smart contracts. For example, even if blockchains can assure certain anonymity of the parties of the contract, the privacy of the whole contract execution may not be preserved since all the transactions are globally available. Moreover, it is challenging to ensure the correctness of smart contracts due to vulnerabilities of computer programs to the faults and failures. Furthermore, smart contracts have also been employed by malicious users to design scams to make exorbitant profits.

To fill the gap, this special issue solicits high-quality and unpublished work on recent advances in blockchain-enabled smart contracts. We highly encourage original research articles as well as review articles that address the concerns with blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

Potential topics include but not limited to the following:

  • Data Analytics on blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Vulnerability analysis of blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Fraud Detection of blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Security and privacy assurance in blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Incentive mechanisms for blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Intelligent Quality Assurance of blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Smart contracts in blockchain-enabled edge and cloud computing;
  • Smart contracts in blockchain-enabled Internet of Things;
  • Applications in blockchain-enabled smart contracts;
  • Future challenges of blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

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- Type "Blockchain-enabled Smart Contract: Technologies and Applications” in the free text box

- Papers with technical contributions will be mainly considered but survey papers may be considered only if of sufficient merit and that strictly adhere to the theme of the special issue

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