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Black Histories

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Black Histories: Dialogues - Call for Special Issues

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31 December 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Elizabeth Williams, University of Edinburgh
[email protected]

Christopher Roy Zembe, De Montfort University, Leicester
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Black Histories: Dialogues - Call for Special Issues

Black Histories: Dialogues is a biannual, peer reviewed journal that publishes original and current research on a global understanding of the histories of people of African descent. The journal takes a multi-disciplinary approach within historical studies, including the social, intellectual, economic, political, and financial. Black Histories aims to showcase original research around intersectional themes such as race, class, gender, and identity as well as focusing on economic and/or socio-political issues within a historical framework. The journal seeks to encourage studies of Black Britain and the wider African diaspora as well as continental African societies, through a lens that will foreground complex and multi-layered themes through critical analyses.

The Editors are seeking articles for the following upcoming special issues:

  • The African Diaspora in Britain: What Histories?
  • Transnational Histories: The Global African Presence
  • Medical Histories: Africa, Europe and the Black Atlantic and Beyond
  • African Women-Perspectives on HerStory
  • Historical Perspectives on African Masculinity
  • Black Sexualities: Histories...Gendering the Black Body
  • The African Presence in the Far East
  • Africa in Britain: a new History?