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Clinical Gerontologist

For a Special Issue on
Behavioral Health Outcomes and Racial/Ethnic Protective Factors in African American Older Adults

Manuscript deadline
01 November 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Danielle McDuffie, MA, University of Alabama
[email protected]

Martha Crowther, PhD, University of Alabama
[email protected]

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Behavioral Health Outcomes and Racial/Ethnic Protective Factors in African American Older Adults

The Clinical Gerontologist is now accepting papers for a special issue on the behavioral health needs and resiliency factors among African American older adults, edited by Danielle McDuffie, MA, and Martha Crowther, PhD, MPH. The mental health of African American older adults has been impacted by social determinants of health such as systemic racism, poor access to health care, inadequate culturally incompetency, physical health disparities, and trauma (e.g., racial, sexual, or gender). However, a lifetime of adaption, growth, and endurance have provided avenues for resilience for African American older adults. This special issue focuses on mental and behavioral health in African American older adults.

Papers can focus on a wide range of clinical topics and should be relevant for the behavioral health practitioner. Potential topics include:

  • Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods studies examining mental health disparities among African American older adults.
  • Differences and/or disparities in mental health conditions and experiences among older adults from different racial/cultural/social groups (with a focus on African American older adults).
  • Descriptive or treatment studies that focus on trauma (e.g., racial, sexual, gender) on African American older adult treatment outcomes.
  • The roles of protective factors in African American older adult mental health (e.g. religion, spirituality, etc.).
  • Cultural competency considerations for behavioral health practitioners working with African American older adults.
  • Investigations of cohort differences between the mental health treatment of African American older adults historically versus currently).
  • Caregiving studies with African American older adults as the care recipient or caregiver.
  • Cognitive impairment.
  • Death, dying, and bereavement.
  • Historic and recent societal events and movements (e.g. Black Lives Matter movement) that have impacted the health and well-being of African American older adults.

We welcome reviews, original research studies, and clinical comments (Please see instructions for paper requirements). Papers must address clinical implications for mental health policy and/or practice. Of note, we welcome researchers from all cultural backgrounds to contribute work. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge that the terms “African American” and “Black” can represent different groups of people. As such, we welcome papers highlighting content on African American older adults specifically, and also racially Black older adults (i.e. Afro-Latinx, Afro-Caribbean, African, etc.).