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Sport in Society

For a Special Issue on
Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science including Special Section on Technology, Innovation, and the Future of the Sport Industry in the Asia Pacific

Manuscript deadline
01 June 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Jung Woo Lee, University of Edinburgh
[email protected]

Tien-Chin Tan, National Taiwan Normal University
[email protected]

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Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science including Special Section on Technology, Innovation, and the Future of the Sport Industry in the Asia Pacific

The fourth industrial revolution, which represents the innovative interaction across physical, digital and biological technologies, has been reshaping the nature of society, polity and individual identity in the twenty-first century. Sport is no exception. From the development of a personal exercise programme to the delivery of a global sport mega-event, the recent innovation in information and communication technologies has meaningfully transformed people’s experience of sport. Digital media platforms including affordable recording and broadcasting devices have opened new pathways through which diverse sport media contents are produced, reproduced and remediated. Effective management of big data through smart technology optimises the operation of commercial and public sport organisations. Virtual space has diversified the modes of sport participation, and simulated physical activities may offer an alternative approach to sport in the post-Covid world. Competitive video games have emerged as one of the most profitable sectors in the sport industry today, and major international sport governing bodies are now considering the inclusion of e-sports in their competition seriously.

However, the series of technological transformations in sport industry does not take place without controversies. The division between global north and south is clearly visible in the availability of technological innovation in sport. Technology doping which includes the use of state-of-art equipment and the implant of a biotech microchip into athletes poses significant ethical questions in terms of fair play and equity between developed and developing countries. The technological engineering of an athlete’s body triggers yet another moral debate. The appearance of artificial intelligence and the automation process also threatens the role of human judgements and critical reasoning in various aspects of sport business. The increasing popularity of e-sports and virtual sport participation makes people reconsider the nature and meaning of sport today. More conventional theories such as technological determinism and the political economy of technological development are worth revisiting when it comes to the application of various digital, physical and biological technologies to the performance of sports, sport organisations and sport enterprises.

The Asia Pacific region has been a major contributor to the advancement of the fourth industrial revolution from the development of information and communication technologies to the manufacturing of new technological devices. Understandably, the demonstration and utilisation of digital technology were some of the distinctive aspects of the opening ceremonies of the 2018 and 2020 Olympic Games in PyeongChang and Tokyo. Also, e-sport is one of the main disciplines at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, and this occasion will mark the first major international multi-sport competition that includes e-sports as an official medal event. At the same time, as the Asia Pacific area is comprised of both high- and low-income countries, the problem of the technological gap between these nations in the region is more acute than that in any other continent. Therefore, this geographical location presents relevant settings where the impact of technological innovation in sport is critically assessed from diverse theoretical perspectives.

Professor Tien-Chin Tan and Dr Jung Woo Lee invite papers with a focus on the sociological, political, managerial and ethical investigation into the impact and implications of technological innovation on the sport industry in the Asia Pacific countries. The current Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science special issue of Sport in Society (APSS of SiS) intends to publish original research articles which examine the use of digital, physical and biological technologies in sport. A conceptual paper with a clear and comprehensive theoretical and/or philosophical orientation is also welcome.

APSS of SiS is an annual special issue, the aim of which is to promote sport studies in the Asia Pacific region and to facilitate scholarly communications between researchers whose academic interests lie in sport in East and Southeast Asia. The theme of the 2022 special issue is technology, innovation, and the future of the sport industry in the Asia Pacific.

The topics in this special issue include but are not limited to the following:

  • the technological transformation in the sport industry in the Asia Pacific
  • the appearance and application of innovative technologies to sport mega-events/ sport competitions in the Asia Pacific
  • the diffusion of artificial intelligence and/or digital technology to the management of the sport industry in the Asia Pacific
  • the fusion of digital, physical and biological technology in the sport industry in the Asia Pacific
  • the ethics of technology doping at sport mega-events/ sport competitions in the Asia Pacific
  • the production, circulation and consumption of the digital media sport in the Asia Pacific
  • the digitalisation of the sport media industry in the Asia Pacific
  • the development of e-sport culture and industry in the Asia Pacific
  • the relationship between e-sport (virtual sport) and conventional sport in the Asia Pacific
  • the technological divide in the sport industry in the Asia Pacific

Please send any questions to Jung Woo Lee at [email protected] or Tien-Chin TAN at [email protected].

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts for the special section should be submitted before the 1st of June 2022 at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/fcss to facilitate full consideration. In the submission process, authors should highlight in their cover letter that the submission is for the “Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science” special issue of Sport in Society and choose “Special Issue Paper” as the “Manuscript Type.” Also, select "Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science" as the special issue title. All manuscripts should be no more than 8,000 words including references and will be subject to peer review under the supervision of the Special Issue Editors.

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