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Manuscript deadline
31 March 2021

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Sport in Society

Special Issue Editor(s)

Tien-Chin Tan, Institute of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
[email protected]

Jung Woo Lee, Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh, UK
[email protected]

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Olympic Movement in Asia-Pacific

The modern Olympic Movement first started in Europe in the late nineteenth century. In the next century, it rapidly spread to the rest of the world including the Asia Pacific region. In the first quarter of the twentieth-first century, a number of Asian Pacific cities hosted and will stage a series of the Olympic Games: the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 and 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and Nanjing respectively, the 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang and Beijing respectively, the 2020(1) Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and the 2024 Youth Winter Olympics in Gangwon. This trend may reflect the increasing economic and political importance of the Asian-Pacific region at the present time. East and South Asian countries’ advanced digital technology and the notable development of their elite Olympic athletes may also contribute to the growing visibility of the Asia Pacific nations in the Olympic Movement.

In the more than one-hundred-year history of the Olympic Movement which was first initiated by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the trace of Western physical and consumer culture is clearly visible. It appears that many Asia Pacific countries have rather uncritically embraced such Westernised Olympism. Nevertheless, thorough, critical and interdisciplinary discussion on the Occidental Olympic Games in Oriental cultural zones is not fully developed thus far. In order to fill this scholarly void, we seek academic papers which critically probe into the Olympic Movement in Asia-Pacific from the viewpoint of diverse academic disciplines which encompass, but not limited to, history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, pedagogy, politics, economics, media/ cultural studies, and policy studies.

Professor Tien-Chin TAN and Dr Jung Woo Lee invite papers with a focus on the social scientific, historical, and philosophic investigation into the Olympic Movement in Asia-Pacific. The Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science special issue of Sport in Society (APSS of SiS) intends to publish original research articles which examine a range of historical and contemporary issues concerning the Olympic Movement in Asia Pacific. Both single country case studies and international comparative research are welcome. We particularly look for a paper with an interdisciplinary approach within social sciences and humanities.

APSS of SiS is an annual special issue, the aim of which is to promote sport studies in the Asia Pacific region and to facilitate scholarly communications between researchers whose academic interests lie in sport in East and South East Asia. The theme of the 2021 special issue is the Olympic Movement in Asia-Pacific.

Potential topics examining the unique aspects of the Olympic Movement in Asia Pacific include:

  • The development of the Olympic Movement in an Asia Pacific country
  • Professionalisation and commercialisation of Olympic sport in an Asia Pacific country
  • The Olympic Movement and the inter-Asian relations and diplomacy
  • The Olympic Council of Asia’s organisation and policies
  • Social, political, cultural and economic implications of the Asian Games
  • The role and position of the Olympic Games in the Asian sport industry
  • Asian media representation of the Olympic Games
  • Asian sport celebrities at the Olympics and the Asian Games
  •  The Olympic Games and Asia sport fandom
  • The Olympic Movement and gender identities/equality in Asia
  • The Olympic Movement and national/cultural identities in Asia
  • The Olympic Movement and the technological development in Asia
  • COVID-19 and the 2020(1) Tokyo Olympic Games/ 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Please send any questions to Jung Woo Lee at [email protected] or Tien-Chin Tan at [email protected]

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Submission Instructions

Manuscript Submissions

Manuscripts for the special section should be submitted before March 31st 2021 at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/fcss to facilitate full consideration. In the submission process, authors should highlight in their cover letter that the submission is for the “Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science” special issue of Sport in Society and choose “Special Issue Paper” as the “Manuscript Type.” All manuscripts will be subject to peer review under the supervision of the Special Issue Editors.

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