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Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development

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Technological Advancement and Global Ageing in Digital Society: Opportunities, Innovations and New Practices

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30 September 2023

Manuscript deadline
30 December 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Siu-ming To, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
[email protected]

Honglin Chen, The University of Eastern Finland
[email protected]

Yu Cheung Wong, Caritas Higher Institute of Education, HK
[email protected]

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Technological Advancement and Global Ageing in Digital Society: Opportunities, Innovations and New Practices

Coupled with the changing demographic in current society, there have been enormous changes in technological capability. Technology, already an integral component of everyday life, holds great promise for supporting the health and independence of the aging population. Gerotechnology is the application of technology to improve the lives of older adults.

Gerotechnology creates ever-expanding entrepreneurial opportunities to develop new products and services. There are new start-ups every day from low tech applications like a better pill box to high tech ubiquitous home health monitoring. Domains in which technology is most likely to be useful to elders include health, living environments, communication, work, learning, and education. New products and services, like robotics and artificial intelligence, are not yet widely available on the market but hold entrepreneurial opportunities for the future.

Clearly, opportunities exist for products and services to help elders improve their quality of life. But what's the core element to benefit older adults with all the fast developing technology? The special issue topic would also like to discuss with you about the critical factor of smart senior care from a social work and humanity aspect. It is also expected to generate interdisciplinary dialogues on the topic listed below.

  • Social work
  • Gerontology
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Interdisciplinary practice for health care
  • Healthy lifestyle and intervention among older adults with assisted technology

Submission Instructions

  • Manuscripts are invited for:
  1. Practice Concepts and Innovations (10-12 pages max or 4500 words max)
  2. Research manuscripts (20-21 pages max or 6500 words max)
  • All abstracts (not more than 300 words) should be sent directly by email to Prof. Chen Honglin Guest-Editor at [email protected]
  • Authors will be notified of decisions on whether the abstracts are accepted by 30 September 2023.
  • Full manuscripts of accepted abstracts should be submitted by 30 December 2023 through the regular submission process of the journal via, indicating the Practice Research special issue in the submission portal.
  • Inquiries can be directed to Jenny Yeo the Journal Administrator at [email protected].

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