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Architectural Engineering and Design Management

For a Special Issue on

Water efficiency and flooding resilience strategies for buildings and the built environment

Manuscript deadline
31 January 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Kemi Adeyeye, University of Bath
[email protected]

Ines Meireles, University of Aveiro
[email protected]

Sue Charlesworth, Coventry University
[email protected]

Armando Silva Afonso, ANQIP/ University of Aveiro
[email protected]

Carla Rodrigues, ANQIP/ University of Aveiro
[email protected]

Kiran Tota-Maharaj, Aston University
[email protected]

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Water efficiency and flooding resilience strategies for buildings and the built environment

Guest Editors

Kemi AdeyeyeUniversity of Bath
[email protected]

Ines MeirelesUniversity of Aveiro
[email protected]

Sue CharlesworthCoventry University
[email protected]

Armando Silva AfonsoANQIP/ University of Aveiro
[email protected]

Carla RodriguesANQIP/ University of Aveiro
[email protected]

Kiran Tota-MaharajAston University
[email protected]

Dr Vincent Cooper, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
[email protected]

Water efficient buildings require the combination of context-sensitive design, efficient building systems, effective operation and management and sustainable use practices by the occupants. Resilient buildings on the other hand, aim to address and respond to events due to climate and environmental change. Of which the resulting adverse damages and losses could be exacerbated by insensitive design and planning of buildings and neighbourhoods, poor or maladjusted infrastructure and little or no physical, social or economic adaptive capacity which enable buildings, systems and occupants to mittigate or cope with such change.

This special issue aims to consider papers on each of these domains at the micro to meso scale. More importantly, it also aims to explore a new nexus domain which considers water efficiency and flooding resilience in a multi-disciplinary and integrated manner. New and emerging contributions that challenge the status quo of academic and practitioner discourse towards the synthesis of both domains are particularly welcome. Special invitation is also extended to papers that explore building/engineering, system and user factors to create new thinking, adaptive and operational frameworks and effective foresight to transition built environment knowledge and innovation from theory to practise. Paper contributions may include design and technical methodologies, guidelines or standards, policy and regulatory recommendations, or all in combination with practical and social action. Potential themes for papers include, but are not limited to:

  • Water efficiency in buildings
  • Water-energy nexus
  • Water-sensitive design
  • Water systems design and engineering for buildings
  • Water resilient and sustainable built environments
  • Applications to building and planning regulations, codes, and standards
  • Water and energy integration within design and design management processes
  • Post occupancy monitoring, evaluation, and facilities management

Submission Instructions

Select special issue title: "Water efficiency and flooding resilience strategies for buildings and the built environment” when submitting your paper to ScholarOne. New research and case study papers will be considered. All papers should be original with clearly structured arguments and contributions from concept to conclusions. Shortlisted conference contributions should be significantly revised and extended for this special issue. Papers will be published online as accepted on a rolling basis.

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