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Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials

For a Special Issue on
Applications of metallurgical slags in cement and concrete

Manuscript deadline
20 October 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Yiannis Pontikes, KU Leuven, Belgium
[email protected]

Qiang Wang, Tsinghua University, China
[email protected]

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Applications of metallurgical slags in cement and concrete

Metallurgical slags, including blast-furnace slag, steel slag, ferronickel slag, copper slag, electrolytic manganese residue, lead slag, zinc slag and red mud, are industrial wastes generated during metallurgical processes. The discharged slags not only occupy large areas of arable land but also pollute the environment due to the leaching of hazardous elements or substances. The innovation of technologies to efficiently and safely utilize metallurgical slags in high volume becomes urgent for industry and local government bodies.

Reuse of metallurgical slags as supplementary cementitious materials or aggregates in cement and concrete is one of the most practical approaches. It can help prepare eco-efficient cement and concrete products to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable development. So far, blast-furnace slag has been extensively studied and widely applied in construction engineering as a supplementary cementitious material. Steel slag and red mud have also been researched but seldom used because of many technical problems remained. The other metallurgical slags have not been well researched yet, let alone practically applied. This special issue seeks novel and impactful research on the fundamental theory and application of metallurgical slags (other than blast-furnace slag), including:

  • Cementitious properties of metallurgical slags;
  • Use of metallurgical slags as supplementary cementitious materials;
  • Use of metallurgical slags (other than steel slag) as aggregates;
  • Use of metallurgical slags to prepare alkali-activated cementitious materials;
  • Leaching behaviors of heavy metals from metallurgical slags;
  • Other methods for activity improvement of metallurgical slags;
  • Standards and case study of metallurgical slag applications.

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When submitting your manuscripts, please specify that your paper is a contribution to the Special Issue entitled “Applications of metallurgical slags in cement and concrete”.

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