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Application of Mathematical Modelling and Control Theory in Infectious Disease Management

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16 October 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Fahad Al Basir, Department of Mathematics, Asansol Girls' College, West Bengal, India
[email protected]

Dr. Delfim F. M. Torres, Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

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Application of Mathematical Modelling and Control Theory in Infectious Disease Management

Mathematical modelling and control theory are useful tools for analysing the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases like HIV, COVID-19, childhood infections, influenza, and vector-borne infections, among others, and for developing potential control policies. The public awareness campaign is also critical to disease control. Mathematical models have been found to be extremely useful for a variety of purposes, including awareness-based control interventions. The purpose of this issue is to focus on the dynamics of infectious disease propagation, the analysis of transmission patterns in various populations, and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of control strategies such as optimal control, impulsive control, optimal impulsive control, and feedback control. This special issue is also interested in the qualitative behaviours of infectious disease models. The models' qualitative behaviours include positivity, uniqueness, local stability, global stability, bifurcation analysis, disease control, and the presence of solutions. This special issue is expected to provide a platform for discussing significant research challenges and achievements on the qualitative behaviours of infectious diseases and their control. It also intends to cover various quantitative modelling studies for various infectious diseases. Theoretical and empirical results are both welcome. Sensitivity analysis, intensive data analysis for parameterization and patterns from model outputs, and numerical schemes for complex model simulations can provide a deeper understanding of disease dynamics and reliable prediction of disease transmissions. Interdisciplinary and data-driven mathematical modelling approaches are expected in articles addressing public health challenges for a wide range of infectious diseases and assisting in the development and advancement of policies to prevent, detect, and control infectious diseases in resource-limited settings.


Significant novel model development as well as mathematical and numerical analysis related research articles, including but not limited to the following topics, are expected.


  • Infectious disease
  • Vector borne infectious disease
  • Awareness-based interventions
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Stochastic models
  • Stage-structured population models
  • Basic reproduction number
  • Stability and optimal control theory
  • Impulsive control method
  • Numerical schemes for solving for control problems
  • Feedback control
  • Time-delayed systems
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Model validation using real data.

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