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The History of the Family

For a Special Issue on

Anti-abortion activism, gender, and generation in Europe (1970s-present)

Abstract deadline
30 May 2024

Manuscript deadline
31 January 2025

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Sylwia Kuźma-Markowska, University of Warsaw
[email protected]

Dr. Agata Ignaciuk, University of Granada
[email protected]

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Anti-abortion activism, gender, and generation in Europe (1970s-present)

This special issue offers novel insights into a history of national and transnational anti-abortion activism in Europe. While there is a growing scholarly interest in the histories of anti-abortion activism, much of the existing literature continues to focus on the post- Roe v. Wade (1973) USA that serves as a model of mobilization and unidirectional source of global inspiration, in terms of arguments, strategies and visual cultures for its counterparts in other parts of the world. Existing studies on anti-abortion movements in Europe, on the other hand, have taken more of a microhistory approach and explored histories of grassroot activism in a particular country or city, without systematically placing them within wider international networks or intellectual flows. This special issue takes a transnational comparative perspective in tracing genealogies and analogies in the histories of anti-abortion movements in Europe over the last fifty years. We are seeking contributions that examine social and cultural histories of European pro-life groups and organizations, and that would link their local endeavours with broader political and intellectual international frameworks.

The contributions should engage with the following themes:

  • Genealogies of European anti-abortion organizations, and their transnational connections
  • The engagement of anti-abortion movements with actual or imagined legal framework regulating abortion
  • Anti-abortion organizations’ relationships with the State, political and economic establishment and/or religious organisations
  • Anti-abortion movements’ strategies, rhetoric and legacies
  • Activists trajectories of campaigners


We encourage the authors to consider gender and generation as analytical lens in their proposals.

Submission Instructions

Deadline for proposing abstracts of papers (max 500 words) is May 30, 2024.

by email to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified before 15 June 2024. Completed manuscripts should be prepared according to the History of the Family guidelines and submitted to guest editors by October-November 2024 (max 10,000 words) and, after receiving their feedback, through the journal submission site by 31 January 2025 where they will undergo standard peer-review process. Accepted articles will published from 2025 onwards on rolling basis online first.

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