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Amending our Pasts and Futures: Communication Approaches to Contemporary Memory Infrastructure

Manuscript deadline
30 September 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Nina Gjoci, Communication, Culture, and Media Studies, Howard University
[email protected]

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Amending our Pasts and Futures: Communication Approaches to Contemporary Memory Infrastructure

Recent national protests regarding civil war monuments, lively public debates about history on traditional and new media, political discourse on history curriculums, revision of local and national public policies of commemoration, increased attention on museums and other places of
memory, the media productions of historical pieces, and the remakes of many classic films, - altogether can be best understood as a collective effort to confront our hurtful pasts. And — as an effort to amend them.
For this Special Issue, we are seeking studies guided by the following broad question: How are material and symbolic communication approaches working towards amending our hurtful pasts?
We encourage submissions of research conducted from Native and Indigenous, African American, rural, urban, Latina co-cultures, and immigrant’s perspectives.
We are looking for scholarly work that examines various aspects of memory infrastructure without preference on methodological approach.
Ideally, topics must address approaches to various mediums of memory infrastructure (discourse,
museums, places, and policy) such as:
➢ Public and political discourse
➢ Protests and memory activism
➢ Museums, monuments, and places of memory
➢ Social media and digital streaming platforms
➢ Public policy on remembrance/commemoration
➢ Media productions, collective guilt, and regret
➢ Nostalgia and politics of forgetting
➢ Cultural, local, and group memory
➢ Memory in national and international contexts

Submission Instructions

Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2023 by 11:59 pm EST
We invite authors to submit proposals for studies as described above. The extended abstract must consist of about 1200 words, excluding references.

Please note that invitation to submit does not guarantee acceptance.

Full Manuscript Submissions: Deadline September 30, 2023.
The papers will undergo an anonymous peer-review process. The papers must fulfill all the requirements for the Howard Journal of Communication. Submissions for the Special Issue must arrive directly from authors to the online submission and review system (ScholarOne Manuscripts). Each manuscript must be clearly designated for this special issue by including (Amending our Pasts and Futures) in parenthesis, in its title.

Inquiries: For inquiries regarding this special issue of HJC, please send an email to Dr. Nina Gjoci at [email protected].

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