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Manuscript deadline
01 March 2021

Cover image - Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Special Issue Editor(s)

Omar G. Gudiño, PhD, ABPP, University of Kansas
[email protected]

Ernestine C. Briggs, PhD, Duke University School of Medicine
[email protected]

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Advancing Equity in Youth Mental Health Services

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are stated values within our field. Nevertheless, there are longstanding disparities in access to services, quality of care, and in the evidence-base that supports the implementation and delivery of effective mental health services to diverse youth, families, and communities. Addressing these disparities requires coordinated efforts to center diversity in the scientific knowledge base, articulate models for clinical translation to diverse communities, and focus on inclusion of diverse perspectives at all levels (e.g., community, clinician, researcher). Current limitations in the evidence-base and a limited consensus on best practices for delivering evidence-based care to diverse communities significantly hinder our ability to support youth mental health equitably.

This special issue seeks to highlight work that is at the forefront of enhancing equity in youth mental health services. We are particularly interested in work that moves beyond documenting disparities and explicitly advances our understanding of ways to support equity in access, delivery, and quality of services. Papers may focus on a range of issues relevant to diversity (broadly defined) and equity within child and adolescent mental health services including, but not limited to:
• Models and best practices for evidence-based assessment, prevention, or intervention with diverse populations.
• Adaptations of evidence-based practices.
• Development and testing of screening and assessment tools.
• Testing the efficacy or effectiveness of adapted evidence-based interventions.
• Emerging promising practices, services, and interventions that promote equity.
• Implementation strategies for increasing access to quality services in real-world settings.
• Strategies for training or building workforce capacity to work effectively with diverse populations.
• Approaches that center community, family, and youth voice in mental health services.
• Examinations of organizational strategies that address systemic issues and support equity.

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Submission Instructions

We welcome papers utilizing diverse forms of methodology including, but not limited to, community-based participatory research, well-conducted randomized controlled trials, qualitative and mixed method investigations, program evaluation, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Authors should remember that EPCAMH is a practice-oriented journal and submissions should be of clinical utility to practicing clinicians. Given the focus of the Journal, papers should address the evidence that supports clinical recommendations.

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