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Manuscript deadline
15 July 2021

Cover image - Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Environment

Special Issue Editor(s)

Fares Almomani, Qatar University
[email protected]

Abdulaziz ATABANI, Erciyes University, Turkey
[email protected]

Arivalagan PUGAZHENDHI, Ton Duc Thang University
[email protected]

Rajendra Prasad SINGH, Southeast University, China
[email protected]

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Recent Advances in Water and wastewater Technologies

Water resource management, wastewater treatment technologies, decontamination, and sustainability are all topics of great interest nowadays. This is due to the adverse effects of discharge and contaminants on the environment, impact on human health, and sanitation. Insufficient clean portable water and the presence of emerging contaminants are other factors to add up to the importance of advanced treatment technologies. In addition, the rapid increase in the industrial production of materials and their utilization by the steeply increasing human population is a serious environmental threat that drastically increases the contamination of surface and groundwater resources. The production of advanced materials and their new applications in different water and wastewater treatment processes have created challenges in terms of their fate in the environment, their effect on living organisms/biota, and their clearance from the environment. Therefore, it is essential to increase the knowledge regarding the development of innovative treatment technologies, monitoring/control of water and wastewater, and control the level of contaminants in the ecosystem. Bioaccumulation, bioaugmentation toxicology are other topics of interest related to water and wastewater decontamination technologies. With this brief background, this special issue (SI) aims to highlight the emergence of advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment and empathize with its practical (industrial) applications. Additionally, some high quality work on the preventive measures, life cycle assessment, and process upgrading will be also invited for submission.

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This SI aims to attract academics, researchers, post-graduate students and professional engineers dealing with, but not limited to the following topics:
1. Water quality standards, regulations and policies
2. Preventive measures for water contaminations
3. Integrated wastewater treatment, nutrient recovery, and sustainable water management
4. Algal biotechnology for pollutant removal
5. Water, energy and sustainability (WES) nexus
6. Innovative biotechnological solutions to support environmental resolutions
7. Nano-bioremediation of contaminated environments
8. Environmental effects of nanomaterials manufacturing
9. Treatment of toxic/hazardous contaminants
10. Bioaccumulation, bio-augmentation toxicology of water and wastewater
11. Adsorption, absorption and catalytic processes
12. New/hybrid techniques for cleaning up heavy metals and organic pollutants
13. Economic tradeoff the water and wastewater technologies
14. Life cycle analysis and perspectives of water contaminates
15. Upgrading news and novel technologies to large scale

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Submission Instructions

The date the Special Issue is expected to be closed 15th May 2022

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