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Creativity Research Journal

For a Special Issue on
Advancements in the Measurement and Evaluation of Creativity

Manuscript deadline
10 February 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Sergio Agnoli, Marconi Institute for Creativity, University of Bologna
[email protected]

Serena Mastria, Marconi Institute for Creativity, University of Bologna
[email protected]

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Advancements in the Measurement and Evaluation of Creativity

The Creativity Research Journal is seeking submissions for a forthcoming special issue entitled “Advances in the Measurement and Evaluation of Creativity.” Submissions can include empirical papers or reviews/meta-analyses that explore new frontiers in the assessment and measurement of creative processes, creative individuals, creative environments, creative products, and dynamic interactions between these categories and constructs. Advancing the objective/subjective measurement the mechanisms underlying human creative behavior and their outcomes is one of the most timely challenges for creativity research. Taking into account the multidimensional nature of the creativity construct, which spans cognition, emotions, and personality, as well as complex interactions with context, is also a focus of this SI.

Submissions may include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Automatized measures to quantify creative ideation
  • Assessing the creative process and its constitutional elements
  • New neuroscientific approaches to evaluate creativity in the brain
  • Empirical research on existing and new measurement methods of the creative behavior
  • Validation of new instruments (e.g., experimental tasks, self-reports) for the assessment of creative cognition and creative achievement
  • Integrated approaches to measure creative cognition, motivation, and personality
  • Measurement of creativity in special populations