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Action Learning for Democracy

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31 August 2024

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31 March 2025

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Bernhard Hauser,
[email protected]

Mike Pedler, Emeritus Professor, Henley Business School, University of Reading UK
[email protected]

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Action Learning for Democracy

We are beset by complex problems requiring high levels of collaboration and cooperation, yet democracy as a governing principle is more in question than at any time since the Second World War.  In countries with democratic systems of government, there is disillusionment with elected politicians and a rise in support for populist and authoritarian leaders.

In work organisations, whilst collaborativeleadershipis often praised, hierarchical order still rules and undermines attempts at democratic decision making.

These conditions do not nurture resilient and confident peoples, but instead promote loss of faith in our abilities to influence events.

How can action learning help to address these difficulties?  Action learning promotes democratic values and practices such as equal voice, consensus decision making, personal responsibility and collaboration offers both a practical method and a sustaining philosophy.

Critical Action Learning can help contain anxieties and enable cultural and political processes to be challenged.

Proposals are invited for case studies, accounts of practice and refereed papers illustrating how action learning can help trengthen democratic ideas and practices..

Here are some examples of possible themes - if you have ideas not listed, please be in touch.- we want to hear from you!

Action Learning and…

  • Community Development
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Democratic Leadership
  • Responding to populism and authoritarian ideologies
  • Distributive democracy, Local decision making eg town meetings, citizens’ assemblies etc.
  • Workforce diversity
  • The set as a container for anxieties and a source for hope


Submission Instructions

Please send short outlines – not more than one page – by 31 August 2024 to

Bernhard Hauser  [email protected] & Mike Pedler  [email protected]


Final Papers  by 31 March 2025


Please see the Journal website for information on the formats of Accounts of Practice and Refereed Papers

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