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Accounting Education

For a Special Issue on
Accounting Education in Latin America: broadening perspectives and contributions on teaching, learning, and research

Manuscript deadline
31 August 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
[email protected]

Fernanda Filgueiras Sauerbronn, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mary Vera-Colina, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Adriana Maria Procópio de Araujo, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Ruth Alejandra Patiño Jacinto, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

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Accounting Education in Latin America: broadening perspectives and contributions on teaching, learning, and research

The Latin American context provides a fertile field for accounting education research but is a continent arguably underrepresented in the international journals in the field. This special issue aims to illuminate international accounting education research both by allowing initial submissions in four languages and by encouraging research that highlights the rich range of accounting education practices and research perspectives that exist within and are emerging from the continent.

We are seeking research that reflects all aspects of Latin American accounting education and accounting education research. These may be issues concerned with the nature of the accounting profession in the region, the growth in undergraduate and graduate programmes, accounting students, professional development programs or the effects of the implementation of global standards and internationalization processes in educational backgrounds (financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, codes of ethics, and international accounting education standards). Alternatively, we are interested in particular challenges in education and accounting research in Latin America, for example due to historical, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity or the high levels of inequality and political instabilities that are still significant challenges faced in many environments on the continent.

Research on the nature of the accounting research and teaching profession is also recognised that reflects issues such as the intensified need for constant pedagogic preparation and continued training, be it for currently active professors or for the early career academics, or those on Masters and PhD. programs in these countries.

We are also interested in research that draws on the strands of educational theory and works on the praxis of popular education that emanate from Latin America, such as those of Paulo Freire, Orlando Fals Borda, and Oscar Jara Holliday who have contributed to education based on the praxis of emancipation and liberation. Similarly, we encourage submissions based on critical theories and pedagogies and those that might facilitate the construction of a new educational paradigm, perhaps paradigms which confront the authoritarian, traditional, institutionalized education model and which dissociates theory from practice.

We also encourage research that builds on the decolonial, feminist, queer, and intersectional theoretical frameworks that have been influential in the region. We understand that contributions from philosophy and educational praxis developed in Latin America are fundamental in adopting and disseminating local and original theoretical contributions that have the potential to be important to the international field of accounting education.

The guest editors welcome papers with positivist, post-positivist, interpretive, and critical perspectives including research based on qualitative or quantitative methodologies. The submissions should be based on research that focuses on the Latin American context. Topics of interest include (but are not limited) to:

  • Accounting education and curriculum challenges
  • Accounting education facing class, gender, racial, and ethnic issues and knowledges
  • Accounting faculty training and development
  • Accounting for academic success and failure in neoliberal universities
  • Alternative teaching, learning, and assessment methodologies
  • Emancipatory, utopic, transformative, and popular educational praxis
  • Historical perspectives in Latin American accounting education
  • Innovative and transformational educational practices towards the accounting profession
  • Neoliberal university and consequences to professional qualification (and quantification)
  • Philosophical perspectives in accounting education and accounting education research
  • Research as support to accounting education
  • The role of accounting education in pandemic and post-pandemic times

Submissions must consider the international audience of the Journal and be consistent with the broad "Aims and scope" of the Accounting Education journal.

Latin America Special Issue Editorial Review Board:

The Guest Editors will be assisted in covering the broad range of potential topics and the four languages of submission by an editorial review board for the issue. This will include:

Alejandro Barbei, Universidad Nacional de La Plata - Argentina

Berta Silva Palavecinos, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso - Chile

Edvalda Araujo Leal, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia - Brasil

Elisabeth de Oliveira Vendramin, Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul - Brasil

Elsa Beatriz Suarez Kimura, Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Elsa Esther Choy Zevallos, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - Perú

Fernando Andrés Morales Parada, Universidad del Bío-Bío - Chile

María Angelica Farfán Lievano, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Colombia

María Luisa Saavedra García, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - México

Noemí Vásquez Quevedo, Tecnológico de Monterrey - México

Oscar Diaz Becerra, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú - Perú

Zuray Andrea Melgarejo Molina, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Colombia

Submission Instructions

Submissions close on 31 August 2022, and early submissions are appreciated. Submissions should be made electronically following the policies and style of Accounting Education at the journal submission site. Papers can be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese, French, or English. The first two rounds of reviews will be conducted in the original language of the document. For the final round or rounds of review, the submission should be translated into English. The English-translated version should be provided at the expense of the authors and this version will be reviewed in English, possibly by an additional international reviewer. It is essential to consider that, even in the last round, the publication is not assured and will depend on the reviewers’ reviews, guest editors’ decisions and recommendations, and the main journal editors’ decisions.

Relevant dates (expected):

Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2022

First round of review - Original language: October - November 2022

Second round of review - Original language: February - April 2023

Third (and subsequent) rounds of review - English: May - August 2023

Target date for publication: December 2023 (earlier online, if possible)

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