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75 years of ergonomics and human factors

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31 December 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Mark Young, University of Southampton
[email protected]

Patrick Waterson, Loughborough University
[email protected]

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75 years of ergonomics and human factors

In September 1949, a group of esteemed physiologists and psychologists gathered in London to form the Ergonomics Research Society, the first professional body of its kind in the world.  In 2024, that body - now known as the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) - celebrates its 75th anniversary.

As the journal of the CIEHF, Ergonomics is planning a special issue to mark this milestone.  The aim of the special issue is to reflect on the state of the discipline - past, present and future - as both an historical retrospective and a perspective on anticipated trends over the next 75 years.  As well as offering a compendium of significant developments, then, this special issue will also set out priorities for researchers and practitioners to ensure the future health of ergonomics and human factors.

We are inviting submissions to the special issue which, in keeping with its aims, may be either historical reviews or future-oriented position pieces, presenting fundamental research or applications in practice.  As such, topics in the special issue are expected to cover the gamut of ergonomics and human factors, from human performance, through physical, cognitive and organisational ergonomics, to cutting-edge science in sociotechnical systems, automation and artificial intelligence.  We would particularly welcome novel approaches or perspectives, such as:

  • revealing historical work that has previously been unpublished or otherwise little-known
  • notable paradigm shifts in ergonomics and what precipitated them
  • addressing current challenges, both in terms of topic areas and the health of the discipline
  • drawing on the past to anticipate the future - what do the next 75 years hold, and where will ergonomics be then?


Submission Instructions

All papers will be subject to the normal peer-review process for the journal, so please ensure that your contribution meets the aims and objectives of the journal as well as those of the special issue.  For the special issue, we welcome standard-length reviews, empirical studies, or practical applications, as well as shorter discussion articles or commentaries.  In all cases, we expect arguments to be evidence-based and suitably referenced, in line with the quality standards of the journal.

When submitting your paper on ScholarOne, please select the special issue title "75 years of ergonomics and human factors".

We anticipate publishing the special issue towards the end of 2024, around the anniversary itself and to coincide with other events planned by the CIEHF.

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