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3D Modelling and Algorithms for Urban Data Management

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30 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Tengteng Qu, College of Engineering, Peking University
[email protected]

Prof. Sisi Zlatanova, School of Built Environment, University of New South Wales
[email protected]

Prof. Jie Jiang, School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Informatics, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
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3D Modelling and Algorithms for Urban Data Management

In light of the ongoing global urbanization and the ever-pressing challenges posed by climate change, urban areas face a myriad of complex issues. These encompass disparities in social resource allocation, effective estate management, as well as the monitoring of urban pollution and environmental conservation efforts. Spatial information modelling has been proven as a pivotal tool in the organization, management, and computation of urban data and related applications. Concurrently, 3D modelling techniques and related algorithms, developed from grid modelling, vector modelling, voxel modelling and others, have significantly elevated the efficiency of handling and processing three-dimensional urban-centric datasets.

There exists an immediate and pressing need for comprehensive and integrated studies that draw upon a diverse range of 3D modelling approaches and algorithms for urban data management. In comparison to conventional statistical methodologies, novel 3D modelling algorithms and approaches leveraging urban data exhibit profound advantages in diverse domains including urban digital twin, social systems management, urban climate monitoring, urban disaster prediction and so on.

This Article Collection invites contributions pertaining to 3D modelling and algorithms for urban data management, while potential application scenarios may encompass resource allocation, estate management, crowd behaviour analysis, air pollution monitoring, digital twin construction, assessments of heat island effects, and disaster prediction, among others.

Submission Instructions

The International Journal of Digital Earth is an Open Access and international peer-reviewed academic journal (SCIE with a 2022 impact factor 5.1) focusing on the theories, technologies, applications, and societal implications of Digital Earth and those visionary concepts that will enable a modeled virtual world.

Submissions must follow the instructions to authors outlined on the Taylor & Francis author guidelines page for International Journal of Digital Earth. Word templates are available on the web site and papers are typically 5000‐8000 words in length. IJDE uses double anonymous peer review.

Papers should be submitted online at the International Journal of Digital Earth's Manuscript Central Site. New users should first create an account. Once a user is logged onto the site submissions should be made via the Author Centre. Please indicate the paper is submitted to Special Issue on “3D Modelling and Algorithms for Urban Data Management” in the cover letter. Please also prepare a separate anonymous document containing an impact statement and a statement on the relevance of the work to the Digital Earth Concept and IJDE Submission Scope.

We look forward to your contributions. Please do not hesitate to contact the Guest Editors with any questions.

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