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Sociology at a Time of Global Crisis

Sociology has the power to start and shape a meaningful public dialogue about important issues of the present and the future.  This article collection explores some of the key areas of interest and relevance in Sociology today. From contemporary educational experiences of Black Caribbean young people in schools, to cross-border labour mobilities, infant mortality in the United States, climate change and strategies for categorizing fluid identities, the highlighted articles traverse approaches and themes. Browse these contributions to investigate new perspectives in Sociology.

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The articles below are free-access via this page only until 31st January 2023. The book chapters will be made free to access shortly.

Key Works

Racism, Discrimination and Inequalities

Article Title Author(s) Journal Title
Multiply-deserted areas: environmental racism and food, pharmacy, and greenspace access in the Urban South Lacee A. Satcher Environmental Sociology
Muslim by default or religious discrimination? Results from a cross-national field experiment on hiring discrimination Valentina Di Stasio, Bram Lancee, Susanne Veit & Ruta Yemane Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
The impact of COVID-19 on gender inequality in the labor market and gender-role attitudes Malte Reichelt, Kinga Makovi & Anahit Sargsyan European Societies
Race/ethnicity, maternal educational attainment, and infant mortality in the United States Samuel H. Fishman, Robert A. Hummer, Gracia Sierra, Taylor Hargrove, Daniel A. Powers & Richard G. Rogers Biodemography and Social Biology
The impact of welfare on household debt Martino Comelli Sociological Spectrum

women writing with pen

Sheila Cunnison Prize

The Sheila Cunnison Prize celebrates scholarship on gender and the Global South. Learn more about the prize and submit your article today!

Migration and Mobility

Population Studies journal cover

Population Studies

75 years of Population Studies: A diamond anniversary special issue.

Guest edited by Wendy Sigle, Alice Reid, Rebecca Sear

Article Title Author(s) Journal Title
Assimilation through transnationalism: second-generation refugees and Vietnamese transnational organizing Jennifer A. Huynh Ethnic and Racial Studies
How, still, is the Black Caribbean child made educationally subnormal in the English school system? Derron Wallace & Remi Joseph-Salisbury Ethnic and Racial Studies
Contesting categories: cross-border marriages from the perspectives of the state, spouses and researchers Joëlle Moret ,Apostolos Andrikopoulos & Janine Dahinden Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Social construction of skill: an analytical approach toward the question of skill in cross-border labour mobilities Gracia Liu-Farrer, Brenda S. Yeoh & Michiel Baas Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Love thy neighbour? Religion and ethnoracial boundaries among second-generation West African youth Dialika Sall Ethnic and Racial Studies
Migration for family and labour market outcomes in Sweden Brian Joseph Gillespie, Clara H. Mulder & Michael J. Thomas Population Studies
The menace of Jewish anti-Polonism during the 2015 ‘refugee crisis’: antisemitic conspiratorial thinking on the Christian far right in Poland Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius Patterns of Prejudice
Economic development, attitudes towards migration and the (lack of) willingness to help refugees: insights from the Aurora Humanitarian Index Dirk Jacobs Patterns of Prejudice
Advances in Measurement: A Scoping Review of Prior Human Trafficking Prevalence Studies and Recommendations for Future Research Kelle Barrick & Rebecca Pfeffer Journal of Human Trafficking
Captivity, Migration, and Power in Libya Nadia Al-Dayel, Aaron Anfinson & Graeme Anfinson Journal of Human Trafficking


Article Title Author(s) Journal
Locked down queer love: intimate queer online relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic Jonalou S. Labor & Augustus Ceasar Latosa Journal of Gender Studies
Displaying intergenerational solidarity on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic: understanding the implications in the grandparent-grandchild relationship Marije Nouwen & Mathilde Duflos Journal of Family Studies
Covid-19: emerging needs for unemployed and economically inactive individuals Claire Paterson-Young Community Work and Family
The use of E-health during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study in China’s Hubei province Weiquan Wang, Li Sun,Tao Liu & Tian Lai Health Sociology Review
Recruitment in response to a pandemic: pivoting a community-based recruitment strategy to facebook for hard-to-reach populations during COVID-19 Beth Archer-Kuhn, Natalie R. Beltrano, Judith Hughes, Michael Saini & Dora Tam International Journal of Social Research Methodology
Can neighborhoods protect residents from mental distress during the COVID-19 pandemic? Evidence from Wuhan Jia Miao, Donglin Zeng & Zhilei Shi Chinese Sociological Review
“Creative Non-compliance”: Complying with the “Spirit of the Law” Not the “Letter of the Law” under the Covid-19 Lockdown Restrictions Jed Meers, Simon Halliday & Joe Tomlinson Deviant Behavior
The impact of the coronavirus crisis on European societies. What have we learnt and where do we go from here? – Introduction to the COVID volume Maria Grasso, Martina Klicperová-Baker, Sebastian Koos, Yuliya Kosyakova, Antonello Petrillo & Ionela Vlase European Societies

SMS Journal Cover

Social Movement Studies

Social Movement Studies Anniversary Virtual Special Issue

The COVID 19 Crisis Book Cover edited by Deborah Lupton and Karen Willis

Environment and Climate Change

Economy and Society text

Economy and Society

Economy and Society in COVID Times

Article Title Author(s) Journal Title
‘Carbon footprint nationalism’: re-conceptualizing Finnish nationalism and national pride through climate change discourse Juha Ridanpää National Identities
How Believing Climate Change is a “Hoax” Shapes Climate Skepticism in the United States Dilshani Sarathchandra & Kristin Haltinner Environmental Sociology
‘Scientists don’t care about truth anymore’: the climate crisis and rejection of science in Canada’s oil country Timothy J. Haney Environmental Sociology
Climate change and insurance Stephen J. Collier, Rebecca Elliott & Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen Economy and Society
Demographic perspectives in research on global environmental change Raya Muttarak Population Studies
Landscape change as a platform for environmental and social healing Clare Wilkinson, Angus H. Macfarlane, Daniel C. H. Hikuroa, et. al Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online
Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on public attitudes toward bats in Arkansas and implications for bat management D. Blake Sasse & Ashley R. Gramza Human Dimensions of Wildlife
Killing with kindness: when hunters want to let you know they care Erica von Essen & Michael Allen Human Dimensions of Wildlife
Evaluating Conservation Easement and Land Records Data in Rapidly Growing Counties in the United States and the Implications for Environmental Governance Anna Treado Overby, et. al Society & Natural Resources
“Cursed by Coal”: Climate Change and the Battle over Mining Limits in the Czech Republic Thomas E. Shriver, Alison E. Adams & Landen Longest Society & Natural Resources

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