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Making an impact

with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Society & Natural Resources publishes impactful research that drives policy change toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) 17 on Partnerships. If you choose, you may highlight the practical contribution your manuscript might have on supporting progress towards the UN SDG 17 by including an impact statement in your abstract.  

One could argue that achieving societal impact may not be fully capitalized on within academic publications, scientific research, or grey literature. Thus, we are aiming to unravel this hidden potential for addressing real-world problems. By embracing the UN SDG 17 on Partnerships, we are striving to highlight the implications of social science research on policy initiatives. Our concentration for this direction will be on stakeholder interaction and social learning for reconsidering the complex relationship between societies and natural resources.

This new perspective will be highly responsive to critical feedback from all engaged social actors, local communities, underprivileged and marginalized groups. We expect that not only strengths and opportunities, but also weaknesses and threats, may be crucial in this direction. We see the experiences gained by researchers in the field as an opportunity for reflection and change, and we aim to share this valuable knowledge from various locations around the world.

Benefits of publishing in Society & Natural Resources

By highlighting the practical contribution your manuscript might have on supporting progress towards the UN SDG 17 on Partnerships, you will have exclusive access to the following offerings:

  1. Your manuscript will be flagged as free access for a two-month period;
  2. Upon acceptance of your article, you will have the opportunity to prepare and submit a short presentation of your article or take part in a short interview with our Editorial Board to promote your article.

Society & Natural Resources

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Tasos Hovardas, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus 
  • Editor-in-Chief: Linda Prokopy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

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  • Rabel J. Burdge, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, USA
  • Donald R. Field, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA