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F1000 publishing services

Features and benefits

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Part of Taylor & Francis, F1000 provides tailored open research publishing solutions for organizations of all kinds.

As a scholarly society, why partner with F1000?

Demonstrate innovation and support open research
F1000 solutions provide a dedicated space for your members to explore cutting-edge publishing options aligned with open research initiatives worldwide.

Recognize the full range of members' research
We publish a wide variety of peer-reviewed article types, as well as non-peer-reviewed posters and documents, ensuring discoverability and credit for all high-quality work.

Increase visibility of society activities and outcomes
Our solutions can include external links to your society’s journals, books, white papers, data, and other content published elsewhere online.

Understand your research impact as an organization
We offer comprehensive metadata to support accessibility and reporting, including article-based metrics looking at citations, downloads, shares, and media mentions.

Provide a compliant publishing venue for grant-funded research
The F1000 model is fully open access and Plan S-compliant, with FAIR data sharing in place for all publications.

Retain and diversify publishing revenue
With our revenue share model, open access publishing can become a new income source to support your society's mission long-term.

Key features of an F1000 partnership:

A dedicated open research hub to showcase your researchers’ publication outputs, powered by F1000
  • Customization to reflect your organization’s identity
  • Publication of a wide range of article types, from Data Notes and Software Tool Articles to Case Reports and Essays
  • Rapid, open publication of research findings
  • Transparent post-publication peer review and article versioning
  • Immediate indexing in a wide range of major bibliographic indexers, once an article has passed peer review
  • Publication of conference proceedings and documents with a unique identifier, so they can be cited by others


Management of the publishing process by our in-house publishing professionals
  • Submission assessment against editorial guidelines and quality standards
  • Production and typesetting management
  • Peer-review management
  • APC billing and collection
  • Account management to support the development of your hub
We’re willing to work with you on the “next big thing,” even if we don’t offer it currently.

We value continuous innovation and encourage dialogue with our customers to ensure we offer just what you need—or might need next.

Schedule a demo today to see how F1000 can work for your society.

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