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The Journal of Positive Psychology
Publishes research on positive psychology, facilitation of well-being, and the professional application on states of optimal human functioning and fulfillment.
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The Journal of Social Psychology
Publishes research on basic and applied social psychology, including behavior, attitudes, identity, interpersonal relationships and more.
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Research in action

Healing through helping: an experimental investigation of kindness, social activities, and reappraisal as well-being interventions

Published recently in The Journal of Positive Psychology, this article explores how acts of kindness may more effectively improve social connection and related dimensions of well-being than prevailing CBT techniques. Read more
Basic and Applied Social Psychology
Publishes basic and applied research in social psychology, including environmental influences on behavior, aging, gender issues and population problems.
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Journal of Personality Assessment
The Journal of Personality Assessment publishes on the methods and applications related to the psychological assessment of psychopathology and personality.
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Cognition and Emotion
Cognition and Emotion explores emotion and cognitive processes in cognitive and clinical psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology and neuroscience.
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Language, Cognition and Neuroscience
Publishes studies of the brain and language, and language function and learning from a cognitive neuroscience perspective.
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Research in action

Bodily feelings and aesthetic experience of art

Published recently in Cognition and Emotion, this article explores how art evokes a wide spectrum of feelings, and that the bodily fingerprints triggered by art are central to these feelings, especially in artworks where human figures are salient. Read more
Publishes research in all areas of memory research, including experimental, developmental, educational, neuropsychological, clinical and social studies.
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Journal of Cognition and Development
Publishes research on cognitive development during all stages of life, ontogenetic processes and biological and cultural influences on cognitive change.
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Cogent Psychology
Cogent Psychology is an Open Access journal publishing original research, reviews and replications that span the full spectrum of psychological inquiry.
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Paper silhouette of a head, with a puzzle piece moved from the brain, with removed puzzle piece next to head, next to text reading 'visit our hub for APA 2023' and the Taylor & Francis logo

Human hand touching fingertips with a robotic hand through a digital grid of lines
This article in the Journal of Cognition and Development investigates whether Canadian preschoolers prefer to learn from a competent robot over an incompetent human using the classic trust paradigm.

Photo of the US Capitol building in Washington DC, Unites States
This article in Memory examines partisan bias in memory for events related to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot in the United States.

Map of the 50 states displayed by individual colored wood pieces shaped as a each state casually arranged in their correct positions, where each state has it's name and capitol written.
This article in The Journal of Social Psychology uses a cross-sectional approach based on 2013 data to determine whether a relation mirroring the longitudinal pattern exists between racial-ethnic diversity and individualism-collectivism across the 50 states. 

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