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Cognition and Emotion
Cognition and Emotion explores emotion and cognitive processes in cognitive and clinical psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology and neuroscience.
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Journal of Cognition and Development
Publishes research on cognitive development during all stages of life, ontogenetic processes and biological and cultural influences on cognitive change.
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Sleepy woman with brown hair cups her face with her elbows placed on a white pillow unable to sleep.

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The effect of fragmented sleep on emotion regulation ability and usage

Published recently in Cognition and Emotion, this article explores the effect of fragmented sleep on the emotion regulation strategies, including cognitive reappraisal, distraction, acceptance and suppression ability. Read more
Philosophical Psychology
Philosophical Psychology publishes articles on cognitive science aimed at developing & strengthening the links between philosophy & the psychological sciences.
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Journal of Personality Assessment
The Journal of Personality Assessment publishes on the methods and applications related to the psychological assessment of psychopathology and personality.
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The Journal of Positive Psychology
Publishes research on positive psychology, facilitation of well-being, and the professional application on states of optimal human functioning and fulfillment.
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The Journal of Social Psychology
Publishes research on basic and applied social psychology, including behavior, attitudes, identity, interpersonal relationships and more.
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African American preschool boy wearing a white and blue striped shirt is excitedly looking at a book held by a teacher.

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Can Preschoolers Recognize the Facial Expressions of People Wearing Masks and Sunglasses? Effects of Adding Voice Information

Published recently in the Journal of Cognition and Development, this article examines whether preschoolers recognize the facial expressions of people with partially covered faces or uncovered faces better, and whether recognition improves when additional voice information is provided. Read more
Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology
JCCAP publishes articles on intervention techniques for use with clinical child and adolescent populations, training in clinical psychology and child advocacy.
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Cogent Psychology
Cogent Psychology is an Open Access journal publishing original research, reviews and replications that span the full spectrum of psychological inquiry.
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Our study provides the first mapping of embodied experiences associated with different types of love. The results show that the subjective feelings associated with the love types form a continuum from strongly to weakly felt loves.

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Traditionally, narcissistic characteristics are considered relatively stable, although clinical accounts and recent research show that additional narcissistic states are variable and fluctuate in actuality. Narcissism research tends to focus on cross-sectional, group-based, trait approaches. 

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The personal narrative is a construct said to embody personal identity and so influence thought and guide behavior. Therapists and coaches draw on such personal narratives to explain maladaptive thoughts and to foster clients’ insights.

Social influence processes by which women come to judge a hostile sexist attitude as relatively true and unprejudiced were examined. Based upon status characteristics theory, women’s judgments were expected to be more strongly influenced by a man’s than a woman’s interpretation of the sexist attitude as true or prejudiced.

Clinically impairing irritability and temper outbursts are among the most common psychiatric problems in youth and present transdiagnostically; however, few mechanistically informed treatments have been developed.

Research has shown that memory is influenced by emotion. Several studies demonstrated the effectiveness of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to modulate emotional memory pursuing clinical and educational aims. 

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