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Smart Systems


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Access topical and impactful research on today's advanced technology that have benefited the society and community. 

Article Author Journal
Disability, technology innovation and social development in China and Australia G. Goggin, H. Yu, K. R Fisher & B. Li Journal of Asian Public Policy
Long-term care and technological innovation: the application and policy development of care robots in Taiwan Y.-H. Chou, S.-Y. B. Wang & Y.-T. Lin Journal of Asian Public Policy
Empowerment, destigmatization and sustainability: the co-construction of reusable menstrual technologies in the context of menstrual activism in Argentina J. Gaybor Gender, Technology and Development
Designing comfortable smart clothing: for infants’ health monitoring D. Wei, Y. Nagai, L. Jing & G. Xiao International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation
Self-service technologies (SSTs) streamlining consumer experience in the fashion retail stores: The role of perceived interactivity E. Y. Kim & K. Yang Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
The influence of perceived costs and perceived benefits on AI-driven interactive recommendation agent value J. Kim Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science
Future changes to smart home based on AAL healthcare service D. Choi, H. Choi & D. Shon Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering
A Smart Community for Placemaking in Housing Complexes M. J. Kim, M. E. Cho & H. H. Chae Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering
Regional effects of technological transition in China how relatedness and integration shape provincial development H. Kroll & P. Neuhäusler Asian Journal of Technology Innovation
Patterns of international technology acquisition in a post catch-up country: the case of Korean firms H. Noh, S. Kang & S. Lee Asian Journal of Technology Innovation
Patterns of technology upgrading – the case of biotechnology in China L. Wang, M. Knell, F. Chen Asian Journal of Technology Innovation
Social media as passive geo-participation in transportation planning – how effective are topic modeling & sentiment analysis in comparison with citizen surveys? O. Lock & C.Pettit Geo-spatial Information Science
Toward the Design of Smart Travel Guard C. H. Kao Smart Science
About One Way to Increase the Accuracy of Navigation System for Ground Wheeled Robot Used in Aircraft Parking A. I. Chernomorsky, K. S. Lelkov & E. D. Kuris Smart Science
Lane density optimisation of automated vehicles for highway congestion control M. Ramezani & E. Ye Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics
An empirical examination of the effect of self-regulation and the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) factors on the online learning behavioural intention of college students P.-Y. Chen & G.-J. Hwang Asia Pacific Journal of Education
The Imagination of Singapore’s Smart Nation as Digital Infrastructure: Rendering (Digital) Work Invisible T. Willems & C. Graham East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
Networked Human, Network’s Human: Humans in Networks Inter-Asia E. Kerr, C. Graham & A. Montoya East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal

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