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Smart Systems


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Access topical and impactful research on today's advanced technology that have benefited the world economically.

Article Author Journal
Restock and straightening system for retail automation using compliant and mobile manipulation G. A. Garcia Ricardez, S. Okada, N. Koganti et al. Advanced Robotics
A framework for robotic clothing assistance by imitation learning R. P. Joshi, N. Koganti & T. Shibata Advanced Robotics
The use of 3D virtual fitting technology: comparison between sourcing agents contractors and domestic suppliers in the apparel industry S.-J. H. Shin & H. Lee International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education
Digitalisation, luxury fashion and “Chineseness”: The influence of the Chinese context for luxury brands and the online luxury consumers experience S. Rovai Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
Digital China: A Fourth Industrial Revolution with Chinese Characteristics? A. Ito Asia-Pacific Review
Technological Progress and Youth Employment in South Korea W. H. Kim, S. Lee, M. Shim & H.-S. Yang Global Economic Review
Explore success factors that impact artificial intelligence adoption on telecom industry in China H. Chen, L. Li & Y. Chen Journal of Management Analytics
Blockchain adoptions in the maritime industry: a conceptual framework S. Pu & J. S. L. Lam Maritime Policy and Management
What can blockchain do and Cannot do? Z. Xu & C. Zou China Economic Journal
The effect of artificial intelligence on China’s labor market G. Zhou, G. Chu, L. Li & L. Meng China Economic Journal
A global perspective on central bank digital currency D. K. C. Lee , L. Yan & Y. Wang China Economic Journal
A study of the economic impact of Central Bank Digital Currency under global competition W. Tong & J. Chen China Economic Journal
Digital transformation strategies for existed firms: from the perspectives of data ownership and key value propositions J. Jin, L. Ma & X. Ye Asian Journal of Technology Innovation
Digital financial capabilities and household entrepreneurship Y. Luo & L. Zeng Economic and Political Studies
Implications of digital economy for financial institutions in Ghana: an exploratory inquiry D. Agyapong Transnational Corporations Review
The impact of the Internet of things on global trade: a multiple-case study on multinationals M. J. Sousa Transnational Corporations Review
Digital economy in global perspective: is there a digital divide? K. V. B. Murthy , A. Kalsie & R. Shankar Transnational Corporations Review

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