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Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior
Advances research on causation, pathophysiology and treatment of fatigue in medical illnesses, behavioural disorders and specific environmental traits.
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Psychology, Health & Medicine
Publishes research on human factors in health and illness, biopsychosocial approaches to medical care and management, and psychology and health in practice.
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Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Focuses on sleep disorders, sleep-related symptoms, insomnia and associated behavioural, cognitive, emotional, physiological and mental health problems.
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Behavioral Medicine
Publishes articles on public health, disease prevention, health promotion, and identification of health risk factors and health disparities.
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Canadian Journal of Respiratory, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
An international journal publishing research on lung health and disease, asthma, interventional respirology, critical care and sleep disordered breathing.
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Featured Sleep & Insomnia Articles

Associations between physical activity and energy and fatigue depend on sleep quality

Sleep and physical activity are independent predictors of energy and fatigue, but whether poor sleep quality moderates the association between physical activity and energy and fatigue remains unclear

Undergraduate Student Stress, Sleep, and Health Before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, undergraduate students experienced sleep problems and mental health issues that were negatively associated with academic achievement

Sleep Education for Everyone Program (SLEEP) Results in Sustained Improvements in Sleep Outcomes at Six Months

Community-delivered sleep education interventions have been demonstrated to be effective in improving sleep outcomes, but whether these benefits persist once the program ends is not well characterized

Pain Experiences in Individuals with Reported and Suspected Sleep Disorders

The purpose of the present study was to examine whether individuals with varying reported and/or suspected insomnia and sleep apnea presentations differed with respect to pain

Associations between sleep disturbance, physical activity, and anxiety sensitivity among college students during the COVID-19 pandemic

The present study sought to examine associations between anxiety sensitivity and both sleep and physical activity among college students, who are particularly vulnerable to sleep disturbance

Unscheduled health care visits in children with obstructive sleep apnea and the impact of positive airway pressure therapy

Untreated OSA in children leads to health complications and unscheduled acute health care visits. We aimed to determine the frequency of unscheduled health care visits

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