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with Studies in Economics and Econometrics

Studies in Economics and Econometrics is new to Routledge!

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Studies in Economics and Econometrics promotes econometric and other empirical economics research, with a focus on the developing world. The journal's aim is to promote methodological advances in econometrics as well as other innovative empirical approaches, so as to enhance scholarly work on developing countries.

Studies in Economics and Econometrics seeks submissions, with an empirical focus, from any of the subdisciplines of economics, and often receives submissions with themes of:

  • macroeconomics
  • financial-economics
  • applied micro-economics

Submissions must shed light on common trends or behaviours across the developing world, beyond their context-specific application. Submissions relying on existing methodologies must clearly identify their scholarly contribution over and above insights that might flow from replicating a study in a different setting.

“The Studies in Economics and Econometrics has been publishing high quality econometrics research for over forty years. Our new partnership with Taylor & Francis brings the journal to a global audience, making it the ideal destination for researchers working on applied econometrics questions related to the developing world. Our rigorous review system, now supported by the well-known ScholarOne platform, ensures that only those submissions based on a rigorous scientific basis and truly advancing knowledge are selected.”

Managing Editor

Willem Boshoff, Department of Economics at Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Studies in Economics and Econometrics is jointly hosted by three entities within Stellenbosch University in South Africa: the Department of Economics, the University of Stellenbosch Business School, and the Bureau for Economic Research. It is fully accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training.

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