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Call for Papers: First issue of Sexual Health and Compulsivity

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In 2020, Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention began the process of changing its name to Journal of Sexual Health and Compulsivity to reflect the evolving literature and changes in the diagnostic classification of problematic/compulsive sexual behavior.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Sexual Health and Compulsivity is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for research and clinical practice. This journal is a key source for providing practicing clinicians useful and innovative strategies for intervention and treatment of sexual behaviors which includes problematic/compulsive sexual behaviors.

The aim of this journal is to expand our knowledge of sexual health with a particular focus on understanding problematic/compulsive sexual behaviors across diverse clinical and non-clinical populations. Specifically, the journal will offer a broad perspective of sexual health with a strong focus on compulsive sexual behaviors and their co-occurrence with other addictive and mental health disorders in clinical and non-clinical populations. Furthermore, the journal will cover topics ranging from behavioral, epidemiological, and neurobiological methods used to assess factors that contribute to the development and treatment of sexual behaviors including compulsive sexual behaviors (often known as sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity, and hypersexual disorder/hypersexuality).

Conceptual issues regarding addiction, compulsivity, and sexual medicine will be explored as new research emerges, and its relevance for developing new treatment approaches for problematic/compulsive sexual behaviors.

Authors are strongly encouraged to read instructions for authors prior to submission. 

This will be the first issue handed by Shane W. Kraus, PhD who is taking over as Editor-in-Chief for the journal. Any questions regarding the submissions can be directed to Dr. Kraus ([email protected]).