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Sex, Health & Technology Special Issue

The Role of Bio-medical, Bio-mechanical, and Bio-digital Technologies in Sex, Sexual Health, and Intimacy

Drawing on a holistic definition of health, in which sexual health is considered a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality, the aim of this special edition of Health Sociology Review will be to explore how new technologies are shaping and creating practices of sexuality and intimacy in ways that have implications for health and human bodies.

Given the extreme pace at which these new technologies are developing, and the rapid expansion of global markets for technological products, there is an urgent need to increase knowledge about how people engage with new technologies to seek sexual partners and/or to explore and enact sexual desires.

Health Sociology Review

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We are seeking empirical research and theoretical contributions to explore the following questions in relation to health:

  • What is the role of new bio-medical technologies in shaping sexual practices or practices of human connection and intimacy? What are the mental or sexual health implications of this?
  • In what ways are new technologies being used to enhance or change bodies as part of sexual practices?
  • In what ways do new technologies facilitate or enhance sexual practice or intimacy? (For example, how might this apply to people living with a chronic illness or physical disabilities? How might this apply to older people?)
  • How have bio-digital, bio-medical, and/or bio-mechanical technologies become integrated into people’s everyday sexual intimacies and practices?
  • In what ways do new technologies shape sexual risk-taking? In what ways do new technologies shape sexual health promotion and illness prevention?

Submission guidelines

For the full  guidelines and submission information, please review our Instructions for Authors site to ensure you have everything required to move through peer review, production and publication.

Full papers due: January 17th 2020

Questions? Email the guest editors, Dr Jen Power and Dr Andrea Waling at: jennifer.power@latrobe.edu.au and a.waling@latrobe.edu.au

When you are ready, you can submit through our online submission system.


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