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SESP Plus - Spotlight on Turkey

The Turkish Dual Elections of June 2018

Turkey is rapidly approaching presidential and parliamentary elections due on 24 June. The country has been in a long-standing electioneering mode with two parliamentary elections in 2015 followed by a constitutional referendum in 2017. The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost its parliamentary majority in June 2015, but rapidly regained it with the snap poll of November 2015. Eighteen months later, in the aftermath of an attempted coup, a referendum approved by a slight margin a presidential system with minimal regard for checks and balances. This period has been marked by the further deterioration of Turkish democracy, increasing polarisation across Turkish society and a sharp decline in the performance of the Turkish economy. The June 2018 elections will be a turning point, either bringing change and reform or else consolidating regime change and one-man rule in Turkey.

You can find all your essential reading to understand this contest here. Three of our articles cover the background and results of the last two parliamentary elections and the constitutional referendum, providing a comprehensive picture of the key final steps which brought Turkey to the brink of regime change. The fourth article sheds light on a key dynamic behind the ruling party's electoral success, helping to consolidate its strong foothold especially across low-income urban areas.  

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