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SESP's Guide to the Spanish Elections

'On 26 June, for the first time since the end of Francoism, Spaniards will return to the polls because the parliament they elected on December 20, 2015 failed to invest a new government. Two general elections in just six months seem to confirm that Spain’s ultra-stable bipartysm has entered a major crisis, with challenger parties – the leftist Podemos and centrist Ciudadanos – contesting voters and ministerial posts from the mainstream forces, the conservative PP and the socialist PSOE.

South European Society and Politics has continuously covered the Spanish party system and the changes that have taken place in its party system and voting patterns. The articles below track Spanish political developments and analyse the competitive scenarios since the 2011 election. This guide will help readers to understand the epochal process of change which the Spanish political system is undergoing.'

Anna Bosco & Susannah Verney, Editors of SESP

Below is a collection of papers that relate to 2016's Spanish election.


SESP Spanish Elections

Article TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssue
The 2015 Catalan Election: The Independence Bid at the PollsLluis Orriols & Toni Rodon213 (2016)
Allocating Campaign Effort in Spain: Evidence from Four General ElectionsEnrique García-Viñuela, Ignacio Jurado & Pedro Riera212 (2016)
Podemos and Ciudadanos Shake up the Spanish Party System: The 2015 Local and Regional ElectionsToni Rodon & María José Hierro213 (2016)
Going National: Ciudadanos from Catalonia to SpainJuan Rodríguez Teruel & Astrid Barrio214 (2016)
Identifying with the Nation: Spain's Left-Wing Citizens in an Age of CrisisAntonia María Ruiz Jiménez, Manuel Tomás González-Fernández & Manuel Jiménez Sánchez204 (2015)
Against Bipartyism, Towards Dealignment? The 2014 European Election in SpainGuillermo Cordero & José Ramón Montero203 (2014)
Spain: No Country for the Populist Radical Right?Sonia Alonso & Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser201 (2015)
Bringing Secessionism into the Mainstream: The 2012 Regional Election in CataloniaGuillem Rico & Robert Liñeira192 (2014)
Impulse and Decadence of Linkage Processes: Evidence from the Spanish Radical LeftLuis Ramiro & Tània Verge181 (2013)
Party Polarisation and Spatial Voting in SpainLluis Orriols & Laia Balcells173 (2012)
The Breakdown of the Spanish Two-Party System: The Upsurge of Podemos and Ciudadanos in the 2015 General ElectionLluis Orriols & Guillermo Cordero214 (2016)

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