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Post-austerity elections on the island of Cyprus

In much of Southern Europe, the eurozone crisis created an ‘electoral and government epidemic’ (Bosco and Verney 2016) with citizens’ discontent manifested through growing abstention and increased parliamentary fragmentation, the punishment of all mainstream forces and a spectacular rise of challenger parties. These processes also evolved into unprecedented paths of government formation and uncharted cabinet outcomes. To what extent does this pattern apply to the island of Cyprus? The elections which took place in January 2018 can help to provide an answer to this question.

The presidential election in the Republic of Cyprus, five years after the EU/IMF loan and messy bank bail-in, could be seen as a case of post-crisis normalisation with the re-election of the incumbent. But rising support for the far right, lower turnout and increased electoral fragmentation suggest otherwise. Meanwhile, during a decade of economic austerity, the Turkish Cypriot community has experienced frequent early elections. The latest parliamentary contest brought reduced participation, start-up party breakthroughs and a drop in support for the parties of power.

The two articles presented here provide all the necessary background to understand these developments. The Cypriot case studies reinforce a picture of political dissatisfaction and its electoral consequences, which is becoming increasingly familiar across Europe and not only in its southern region.

Post-austerity elections on the island of Cyprus

Article TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssue
Post-Crisis Political Normalisation? The 2018 Presidential Elections in the Republic of CyprusVasiliki Triga, Fernando Mendez and Constantinos Djouvas233 (2018)
Yet Another Case of Electoral and Government Epidemic? The Turkish Cypriot Legislative Election of January 2018Ahmet Sözen and Sertaç Sonan233 (2018)

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