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Special Issues - Italy Transformed

Italy Transformed: Politics, Society and Institutions at the end of the Great Recession

The decade since the 2008 great crash has been a watershed for Italian politics, bringing fundamental and dramatic changes, many unanticipated. Economically at the eye of the eurozone storm, this once loyal EU member experienced a big rise in euroscepticism. By 2018 all mainstream political parties but one advocated exiting the Euro. Politically, in 2013 Italy endured the ignominy of being without a government, Prime Minister or President. In 2016 a constitutional reform to radically reshape the way Italy governs itself was rejected by Italian voters, leading Prime Minister Renzi to resign. In 2013 a political force born seven years earlier as an internet blog became the most voted political party. By 2017, the bipolar party system – seen on its emergence in the 1990s as the long-term solution for Italy’s famed government instability – was effectively exhausted.

These are just a few key examples of this extraordinary decade in Italian politics which this Special Issue covers through detailed analyses by specialists. Topics covered include the Italian economy, trade unions, the welfare state, migration, the main political parties, electoral reforms, social capital, social protest and political culture. The special issue reveals a country which many had assumed was in quiet transition towards a more stable democracy- suffering an immense shock. The Eurozone crisis brought to the fore deep-rooted structural problems and changed Italy’s political dynamics.

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Italy Transformed: Politics, Society and Institutions at the end of the Great Recession offers an indispensable guide to understanding how the period of the Great Recession became a truly critical decade in Italian politics. Explore the issue here.

South European Society and Politics

Table of Contents for South European Society and Politics. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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South European Society and Politics Book Series

The South European Society and Politics Book Series promotes new empirical research into the domestic politics and society of South European states. Its geographical scope includes both ‘old’ and ‘new’ Southern Europe, defined as Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and Turkey.

Series Editors:

Susannah Verney

Anna Bosco