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Article TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssue
Policy Failure in the Triangle of Growth: Labour Market, Human Capital, and Innovation in Spain and ItalyLuigi Burroni, Alberto Gherardini & Gemma Scalise241 (2019)
Southern Europe and the Eurozone Crisis Negotiations: Preference Formation and Contested IssuesLeonardo Morlino & Cecilia Emma Sottilotta241 (2019)
Far-Right Extremism and Populist Rhetoric: Greece and Cyprus during an Era of CrisisGiorgos Charalambous & Panos Christoforou234 (2018)
The Determinants of Women’s Empowerment in Turkey: A Multilevel AnalysisKursat Cinar & Tekin Kose233 (2018)
Reclaiming the National Will: Resilience of Turkish Authoritarian Neoliberalism after GeziAli Bilgiç232 (2018)
Authoritarian Neoliberalism and Democratic Backsliding in Turkey: Beyond the Narratives of ProgressCemal Burak Tansel232 (2018)
Italian Politics in an Era of Recession: The End of Bipolarism?Martin J. Bull, Gianfranco Pasquino231 (2018)
The Italian Welfare State in the Crisis: Learning to Adjust?Stefano Sacchi231 (2018)
The Italian Five Star Movement during the Crisis: Towards Normalisation?Filippo Tronconi231 (2018)
Back to the Suitcase? Emigration during the Great Recession in SpainAmparo González-Ferrer, Francisco Javier Moreno-Fuentes224 (2017)
Believing in Conspiracy Theories: Evidence from an Exploratory Analysis of Italian Survey DataMoreno Mancosu, Salvatore Vassallo, Cristiano Vezzoni223 (2017)
The Innovation Paradox in Southern Europe. Unexpected Performance During the Economic CrisisDavide Donatiello, Francesco Ramella222 (2017)
Party System Change in Italy: Politicising the EU and the Rise of Eccentric PartiesDaniela Giannetti, Andrea Pedrazzani, Luca Pinto221 (2017)
From Electoral Epidemic to Government Epidemic: The Next Level of the Crisis in Southern EuropeAnna Bosco, Susannah Verney214 (2017)
The Challenges of the New Spanish Multipartism: Government Formation Failure and the 2016 General ElectionPablo Simón214 (2016)
Different Types of Right-Wing Populist Discourse in Government and Opposition: The Case of ItalyGiuliano Bobba, Duncan McDonnell213 (2016)
Portuguese Democratisation 40 Years on: Its Meaning and Enduring LegaciesMarina Costa Lobo, António Costa Pinto, Pedro C. Magalhães212 (2016)
Back to a Predominant Party System: The November 2015 Snap Election in TurkeySabri Sayarı212 (2016)
Encounters with Europe in an Era of Domestic and International Turmoil: Is Turkey a De-Europeanising Candidate Country?Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Alper Kaliber211 (2016)
De-Europeanisation or Counter-Conduct? Turkey’s Democratisation and the EUMünevver Cebeci211 (2016)
Winds of Change? The June 2015 Parliamentary Election in TurkeyÖzge Kemahlıoğlu204 (2015)
The 2014 European Parliament Elections in Southern Europe: Second-Order or Critical Elections?Hermann Schmitt, Eftichia Teperoglou203 (2015)
Against Bipartyism, Towards Dealignment? The 2014 European Election in SpainGuillermo Cordero, José Ramón Montero203 (2015)
Explaining the Prevalence of Illegitimate Wage Practices in Southern Europe: An Institutional AnalysisColin C. Williams, Ioana A. Horodnic202 (2015)
Political Representation in Bailed-out Southern Europe: Greece and Portugal ComparedAndré Freire, Marco Lisi, Ioannis Andreadis, José Manuel Leite Viegas194 (2014)

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The South European Society and Politics Book Series promotes new empirical research into the domestic politics and society of South European states. Its geographical scope includes both ‘old’ and ‘new’ Southern Europe, defined as Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and Turkey.

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