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Populism in Southern Europe

A SESP Plus Thematic Article Collection

Populism in Southern Europe

The rise of populism has become a major phenomenon in the last few years, attracting critical attention from academics, politicians, journalists and commentators. This collection of four articles focuses on the crisis-stricken region of Southern Europe, offering case studies from a range of national contexts including the less studied examples of Cyprus and Portugal as well as Italy and Greece. These studies address different dimensions including populism in political party discourse, in mass level attitudes and in national elections. This ‘Spotlight’ shows that both left and extreme right populism have come to characterise Southern Europe. Populist rhetoric is found even in Portugal, an apparent exception to the rapid growth of populist challengers.

Populism in Southern Europe

Article TitleAuthor(s)Year
Populism, Blame Shifting and the Crisis: Discourse Strategies in Portuguese Political PartiesMarco Lisi & Enrico Borghetto2019
Populism from Below: Socio-economic and Ideological Correlates of Mass Attitudes in GreeceEmmanouil Tsatsanis, Ioannis Andreadis & Eftichia Teperoglou2018
Far-Right Extremism and Populist Rhetoric: Greece and Cyprus during an Era of CrisisGiorgos Charalambous & Panos Christoforou2019
Populist Success in a Hung Parliament: The 2018 General Election in ItalyAlessandro Chiaramonte, Vincenzo Emanuele, Nicola Maggini & Aldo Paparo2018

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