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Security and Privacy Techniques for Emerging Computing Systems

Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers

Free access to articles ends on 30th November 2020 and is only available when accessing them from this page.

The Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers ( JCIE ) is devoted to publishing articles in all aspects of engineering and related fields in applied sciences, ranging from fundamental principles to practical applications. A platform for the timely dissemination of original engineering researches and emerging technologies, the findings and ideas published in this journal are considered to have significant enduring value in the field We have given access to the below selection of articles.


Article Title Author
IntroductionHung-Min Sun
New classes of generalized zero-difference balanced functions and their applicationsZhengqian Li, Pinhui Ke & Shengyuan Zhang
Reconsidering a lightweight anonymous authentication protocolChien-Ming Chen, King-Hang Wang, Weicheng Fang, Tsu-Yang Wu & Eric Ke Wang
Cheating immune multi-secret sharing without predefined order of secretsChanglu Lin, Xingfu Yan, Qiwen Niu & Huidan Hu
A provably secure certificateless public key encryption with keyword searchTsu-Yang Wu, Chien-Ming Chen, King-Hang Wang, Chao Meng & Eric Ke Wang
Improved generic construction of chameleon hash to group elementsChunhui Wu, Bernd Steinbach, Zhiwei Sun & Chuan Lin
Efficient chosen-ciphertext secure hybrid encryption scheme tolerating continuous leakage attacksYanwei Zhou, Bo Yang, Yong Yu & Arshad Khan
An improved electronic medical record system (IEMRS) using oblivious transferYi-Ning Liu & Yan-Ping Wang
A robust, distributed, and privacy-preserving aggregation scheme for smart grid communicationsGang Shen, Yixin Su, Danhong Zhang, Cheng Zhang & Mingwu Zhang
A secure lattice-based anonymous authentication scheme for VANETsHui Liu, Yining Sun, Yan Xu, Rui Xu & Zhuo Wei
Lightweight authentication scheme with inverse operation on passive RFID tagsYali Liu, Xinchun Yin, Yongquan Dong & Keke Huang
Secure and efficient access of personal health record: a group-oriented ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryptionXiaoling Tao, Chao Lin, Qinglun Zhou, Yong Wang, Kaitai Liang & Yang Li
A fair offline electronic cash scheme with multiple-bank in standard modelYuxi Li, Fucai Zhou & Zifeng Xu
Efficient oblivious transfer construction via multiple bits dual-mode cryptosystem for secure selection in the cloudZengpeng Li, Chunguang Ma, Minghao Zhao & Chang Choi
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