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Upcoming Events for Saudi Digital Library Users

We host regular webinars for researchers in Saudi Arabia which you can register for through the Saudi Digital Library portal. These online events are hosted by our in-house experts and topics include how to publish and promote your research, how to become an effective peer reviewer, and how to access your Taylor & Francis content and use it to further your research.

Regional publishing webinars hosted by Taylor & Francis

You can sign up for upcoming webinars created for researchers in the Middle East through our publishing webinar portal. This page hosts previous event recordings, including our recent webinar series on publishing medical research, and information on upcoming events and how to register for them.

Taylor & Francis content that Saudi Digital Library users have access to:

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Social Science & Humanities Library:

A library of over 1,450 peer-reviewed journals covering the following subjects:

  • Anthropology, Archaeology & Heritage

  • Arts & Humanities

  • Business, Management & Economics

  • Criminology & Law

  • Education

  • Geography, Planning, Urban & Environment

  • Library & Information Science

  • Media, Cultural & Communication Studies

  • Mental Health & Social Care

  • Politics, International Relations & Area Studies

  • Psychology

  • Sociology & Related Disciplines

  • Sport, Leisure & Tourism

  • Strategic, Defence & Security Studies

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Science & Technology Library

A library of 530+ journals, covering the following subjects

  • Biological, Earth, Environment & Food Science

  • Chemistry

  • Engineering, Computing & Technology

  • Physics

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Sports Science & Medicine

Popular Taylor & Francis Journals in Saudi Arabia

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Publishes research in areas including urological oncology, urological reconstructive surgery, urodynamics, erectile dysfunction, urinary infection and disease.
Publishes international research on animal science and veterinary medicine including epidemiology, management, hygiene, nutrition and wildlife diseases.
Publishes international open access research in medical sciences with particular focus on diseases in the Middle East and North Africa.
Publishes international research on building materials, including architecture, housing and urban development, environmental engineering and nanotechnology.

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Highly-cited Taylor & Francis content published by researchers in Saudi Arabia

Article Journal
Electrochemical Analysis of Some Toxic Metals by Ion–Selective Electrodes Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
Classroom Climate and Contextual Effects: Conceptual and Methodological Issues in the Evaluation of Group-Level Effects Educational Psychologist
iMiRNA-PseDPC: microRNA precursor identification with a pseudo distance-pair composition approach Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Identification of protein-protein binding sites by incorporating the physicochemical properties and stationary wavelet transforms into pseudo amino acid composition Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Carotenoid deposition in plant and animal foods and its impact on bioavailability Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

A selection of Taylor & Francis Articles from Nobel Prize Winning authors

Novel Coronavirus Content

Taylor & Francis is committed to helping public health authorities, researchers, clinicians and the general public contain and manage the spread of COVID-19.

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