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Deadline: 1 June 2020


Dr Emma De Angelis


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Resilience and Security

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown into sharp relief how very different each country’s capacity for resilience at a time of crisis is. While first and foremost a public health emergency, the impact of the coronavirus has significant ramifications across all aspects of society and governance at both domestic and international level. The response to the crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of economic structures, from supply chains to public funding and the role of the (globalised) private sector in strategic industries; the powers and limits of law enforcement agencies, and the limits countries are able to impose on the fundamental freedoms of their citizens, for instance in enforcing lockdowns or tracing and sharing individual health details; the role of the armed forces in providing domestic support for civilian authorities; the perils of disinformation and misinformation at a time of heightened public interest and desire to find exhaustive and authoritative sources; and the pressure on long-established international arrangements and structures, such as the Schengen agreement or the WHO.

The RUSI Journal provides a forum for debate on international and UK security and defence issues. Its scope spans from the use of new technologies to military history, geopolitics, military capabilities, intelligence and the cultural and social dimensions of defence and security, among others. It is widely read across the academic, practitioner and policy communities, as well as by the media.

The RUSI Journal invites submissions tackling this all-important topic, and encourages responses from researchers who have taken the opportunity to start new projects even if they are still in the preliminary findings phase. The Journal reaches an international audience and we anticipate publishing articles covering a wide range of countries and regions. We are keen to stimulate debate and encourage analytical interventions that can push forward discussions. In particular, we invite contributions on the following questions:

  1. Conceptualising resilience and security: has the coronavirus pandemic changed our understanding of security? When and how does public health become a security issue?
  2. Best practice: how to build more resilient societies.
  3. Different resilience models: what is the role of government, business, voluntary organisations and individual citizens?
  4. The army at home: challenges to conventional notions of the military and its domestic role.
  5. Cyber resilience: how do misinformation and disinformation affect public trust in a time of crisis? What are the heightened risks for cyber security at a time of crisis?
  6. Human security and infrastructures: the security of supply chains, food, energy.
  7. How to ensure national resilience and the security of strategic industries when international links break down.
  8. Forecasting and modelling: to what extent does a government need to conduct its own research versus relying on outside experts, and how do you make policy based on contrasting models? Does government modelling and forecasting for emergencies perform well compared with non-government approaches?
  9. Public communication: how do governments communicate with the public at times of national emergency and how has the Covid-19 pandemic changed this? How to build trust in the contemporary communications/social media landscape.
  10. Fit for our times: are existing international cooperation structures suited to contemporary challenges?

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Submission Instructions

When sending your submission, please indicate which of the following it is intended as:

  • a preliminary research note (up to 3000 words)
  • a research article (up to 6000 words)
  • an analytical essay (up to 3000 words)
  • a methodological note (up to 3000 words)

Please upload all submissions via our online manuscript management system (linked below) by Monday 1 June, indicating Resilience and Security under the special issue tab. In order to expedite the process, submissions will be processed on a rolling basis. We will implement a fast turn-around review and will contact authors by the week of 15 June with a decision.

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