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Urban Research & Practice Virtual Special Issue

Introduction to the Virtual Special Issue

Rob Atkinson, Sonia de Gregorio Hurtado, Jacob Norvig Larson, Cristiana Rossignolo, Paula Russel, Cristina Stănuș, Iván Tosics, Karsten Zimmermann 

The first issue of Urban Research and Practice was published in March 2008, one year after the Leipzig Charta on Sustainable Urban Development had been signed. Twelve years have passed and we have a new Leipzig Charta published in December 2020 under the German EU presidency (as well as the Territorial Agenda for the EU). This coincides with a change in the editorship of the journal as Professor Rob Atkinson, who has been editor since the first issue in 2008, stands down and hands over the role to Professor Karsten Zimmermann.

Rob has done a remarkable job for the journal, the current standing of which is the outcome of his commitment and hard work in developing the journal from its infancy. The journal has benefitted hugely from his direction and his knowledge on urban policy and practice during his time as editor. In this context, the editorial board of Urban Research & Practice thought that this might be a good time to look back and collect a limited selection of papers that we as editors consider as highly relevant to urban debate and practice. 

We hope that this virtual special issue will give those who access it a flavour of what the journal has published since its inception, how it has evolved, and the inspiring potential that it has ahead in this Urban Age

Title Author(s) Volume Issue Year
Editorial Rob Atkinson, Sonia de Gregorio Hurtado, Jacob Norvig Larsen, et. al.
Integrated urban renewal in The Netherlands: a critical appraisal Sako Musterd & Wim Ostendorf 1 1 2002
The Congolese diaspora in Brussels and hybrid identity formation: multi-scalarity and diasporic citizenship Eva Swyngedouw & Erik Swyngedouw 2 1 2009
Self-organization in urban development: towards a new perspective on spatial planning Beitske Boonstra & Luuk Boelens 4 2 2011
What is wrong with gentrification? Margaret Kohn 6 3 2013
Planning trajectories in post-socialist cities: patterns of divergence and change Sasha Tsenkova 7 3 2014
Understanding co-housing from a planning perspective: why and how? Lidewij Tummers 8 1 2015
The smart city and its publics: insights from across six UK cities Robert Cowley, Simon Joss & Youri Dayot 11 1 2018
The rise of the new European Roma ghettos: a brief account of some empirical studies Cătălin Berescu 4 3 2011
Urban planning practices for bikeable cities – the case of Copenhagen Thomas A. Sick Nielsen , Hans Skov-Petersen & Trine Agervig Carstensen 6 1 2013

Urban Research & Practice is a well-established and exciting journal that publishes a wide range of original academic research articles along with innovative articles on policy and practice. The journal is published in association with EURA (European Urban Research Association), is a cross-disciplinary journal, with a focus on urban studies.