From Molecular Medicine To Finishing Line by Research in Sports Medicine

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From Molecular Medicine To Finishing Line

By Research in Sports Medicine

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During the past decade or so, nutrition arguably becomes the critical factor behind sport success, with many top-level athletes and “weekend warriors” recognize and practice specific dietary interventions like never before! In aim to promote comprehensive evidence-based approach to sport nutrition (and debunk few myths), Research in Sports Medicine launched this special issue, covering a wide range of topics related to the discipline – from fundamental science that addresses subcellular and molecular issues in exercise metabolism and nutrition, to practical dietary approaches that target specific sport disciplines.

Title Author
Eat to compete: evidence-based perspectives for health and performance Sergej M. Ostojic
Metabolic adaptations to endurance training and nutrition strategies influencing performance Conrad P. Earnest, Jeff Rothschild, Christopher R. Harnish & Alireza Naderi
Redox homeostasis in sport: do athletes really need antioxidant support? Ambra Antonioni, Cristina Fantini, Ivan Dimauro & Daniela Caporossi
Considerations for ultra-endurance activities: part 1- nutrition Ricardo J.S. Costa, Martin D. Hoffman & Trent Stellingwerff
Considerations for ultra-endurance activities: part 2 – hydration Martin D. Hoffman, Trent Stellingwerff & Ricardo J.S. Costa
High-protein diets in trained individuals Jose Antonio
Benefits of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate supplementation in trained and untrained individuals Yftach Gepner, Alyssa N. Varanoske, David Boffey & Jay R. Hoffman
Applications of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation for sport performance Jordan D. Philpott, Oliver C. Witard & Stuart D.R. Galloway
Effects of acute ingestion of caffeine on team sports performance: a systematic review and meta-analysis Jordan D. Philpott, Oliver C. Witard & Stuart D.R. Galloway
Factors influencing ultra-endurance athletes food choices: an adapted food choice questionnaire C Blennerhassett, L.R. McNaughton & S.A Sparks

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