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Central and Eastern Europe

Virtual special issue of Regional Studies Association articles

This virtual special issue marks the 2022 RSA Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Programme by drawing together papers published across the RSA's journals Regional Studies, Spatial Economic Analysis, Territory, Politics, Governance, and Regional Studies, Regional Science

It highlights the wide range of novel research by RSA authors, and the growth of central and eastern Europe as a key region of present and future focus.

(Alternative) economies

Article title Author(s) Journal Volume & Issue Year
Retheorizing industrial–institutional coevolution: a multidimensional perspective Maximilian Benner Regional Studies 2021
Successful economic diversification in less developed regions: long-term trends in turbulent times Korneliusz Pylak & Dieter F. Kogler Regional Studies 55 (3) 2021
Renewables projects in peripheries: determinants, challenges and perspectives of biogas plants – insights from Central European countries Justyna Chodkowska-Miszczuk, Stanislav Martinat, Marián Kulla & Ladislav Novotný Regional Studies, Regional Science 7 (1) 2020
Micro-economic effects of public funds on enterprises in Hungary Györgyi Nyikos, Attila Béres & Tamás Laposa Regional Studies, Regional Science 7 (1) 2020
Regional price deflators in Poland: evidence from NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 regions Bartlomiej Rokicki & Geoffrey J. D. Hewings Spatial Economic Analysis 14 (1) 2019
Informal employment in Poland: an empirical spatial analysis Maciej Beręsewicz & Dagmara Nikulin Spatial Economic Analysis 13 (3) 2018

EU and regional policies

Article title Author(s) Journal Volume & Issue Year
What next? Leveraging a new global crisis to mitigate an older one: opportunities and challenges in Romania and Britain Lorena Axintea & Mark Lang Territory, Politics, Governance 2021
Synergy and policy-making in German innovation systems: Smart Specialisation Strategies at national, regional, local levels? Henriette Ruhrmann, Michael Fritsch & Loet Leydesdorff Regional Studies 2021
Urban structure in transition: evidence from Poland, 1983–2011 Bartosz Bartosiewicz & Szymon Marcinczak Regional Studies 2021
Territorial patterns of R&D+I grants supporting Smart Specialisation projects funded from the ESIF in Poland Krzysztof Mieszkowski & Javier Barbero Regional Studies 55 (3) 2021
Development frames in peripheralized areas of Romania Alexandru Brad & Aura Moldovan Regional Studies, Regional Science 7 (1) 2020

Political geographies and re-thinking CEE

Article title Author(s) Journal Volume & Issue Year
Spatialities of feminist urban politics: networking for ‘fair shared cities’ in Central and Eastern Europe Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj Territory, Politics, Governance 2021
Europeanization from the periphery: the case of ‘second-class’ food in Central and Eastern Europe Francesco Duina & Xiaoqing Zhou Territory, Politics, Governance 2021
The geography of political ideologies in Switzerland over time Daniele Mantegazzi Spatial Economic Analysis 16 (3) 2021
Land for peace: can territorial adjustments bring about recognition of self-determination claims? Shpend Kursani & Eiki Berg Territory, Politics, Governance 2020

Societies and culture

Article title Author(s) Journal Volume & Issue Year
‘It is Krajina all over again’: geopolitics of spite and geographical analogy in a Serbian newspaper audience Justyna Pierzynska Territory, Politics, Governance 2021
Rebuilding a community ‘centre’ under free-market pressure: the post-socialist experience with local brownfield management Jiří Malý, Filip Alexandrescu, Robert Osman & Petr Klusáček Territory, Politics, Governance 2021
Evaluation of the impact of human capital on innovation activity in Russian regions Valentina Teslenko, Roman Melnikov & Damien Bazin Regional Studies, Regional Science 8 (1) 2021
Communities of struggle: the making of a protest movement around housing, migration and racism beyond identity politics in Berlin Ulrike Hamann & Ceren Türkmen Territory, Politics, Governance 8 (4) 2020