Call for Editor-in-Chief

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Call for Editor-in-Chief

Politics, Groups, and Identities

15 November 2021

About the Role

The Western Political Science Association announces the search for new editors for the journal Politics, Groups, and Identities, an official journal of the Association.

The association is seeking nominations of qualified individuals who would edit the journal from 1st January 2023 through 31st December 2026. This four-year term is renewable for a single two-year optional extension.

Nominations and self-nominations are both welcome. The WPSA encourages nominations of women, members of ethnic minorities, and self-identified LGBTQ persons. Submissions from individuals or from teams of co-editors, either at a single or multiple campuses, are also welcome.

Responsibility of Editors:

The editors are responsible for the substantive content of the journal. This includes, but is not limited to, advancing the journal’s mission and reputation, soliciting articles, overseeing the peer review process, working with authors, consulting with and managing the editorial board, and collaborating with the publisher to increase the journal’s visibility and readership.

Nominations and Inquiries:

Nominations and/or requests for more information should be submitted to:

Nadia E. Brown

Professor of Government and Chair of the Women's and Gender Studies Program 

Georgetown  University

[email protected]

PGI Editor Selection Committee:

Nadia E. Brown, chair, Georgetown University
Stephen Nuno, Northern Arizona University
Loren Collingwood, University of New Mexico
Kim Yi Dionne, University of California, Riverside
Edwina Barvosa, University of California, Santa Barbara
Richard Clucas, Ex Officio, Non-voting member, WPSA Executive Director


Financial Arrangements: Historically, editors of WPSA journals receive support from both the editor’s home institution and from the press.

Support from the home institution has typically included graduate assistant support, reduced teaching assignment, clerical support, office space, and operational funds. Editorial subvention from the press (Taylor and Francis) will consist of a total of $12,600 as well as use of electronic submission software. Annually, the editors provide an invoice outlining their intended use for the subvention. Expenses have typically included: PGI related travel, office supplies, receptions at conferences, telecommunications, postage, and editorial assistants. Copy editing and printing are handled by Taylor and Francis.

Candidates are also welcome to communicate directly with the search committee of WPSA Executive Director for further details.

Submitting your Application 

Applications must be accompanied by: 

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Candidate’s letter expressing the proposed goals for the journal including any proposed changes to the journal.
  • A letter from the appropriate administrative office of the nominee’s university, at the level of Dean or above, indicating that institution’s willingness to commit appropriate support.

Candidates may also submit proposals for joint or team editorships, collaborating either with colleagues in their own departments or across universities. For joint/team editorships, applications should include curriculum vitae from each individual, a joint letter expressing goals and any proposed changes, and letters of support from each university, as appropriate.

For full consideration, please submit nominations by 15th November 2021, when the committee will begin its review. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Please submit applications to the below:

Nadia E. Brown

Professor of Government and Chair of the Women's and Gender Studies Program 

Georgetown  University

[email protected]

It is anticipated that interviews of final candidates will be conducted the day prior to the 2022 WPSA meeting. A final recommendation will then be forwarded to the Executive Committee for a decision at the council meeting the next day (24th March). The new editor(s) will start on 1st January 2023.

Politics, Groups, and Identities is an official journal of the Western Political Science Association. It presents the best scholarship on social groups, exploring the politics of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, class and other dimensions of identity and structural disadvantage. The journal publishes work across all subfields of political science, as well as the social sciences and humanities more generally. The journal publishes research on any country or region of the world, including work that is global or international in scope as well as work that is national or local, or examines connections between these levels.